Photonic Version 2.28 – “Show Gallery” and Instagram Authentication Changes

In a weird case of procrastination I forgot to post the release notes for version 2.28 of Photonic, which has now been live for over 2 weeks!

These are the changes for this version:

  1. Instagram made a change to its API scopes and that was causing an error when Photonic was trying to authenticate or display galleries. This has been addressed.
  2. I added the capability to defer the loading of a gallery until a button was clicked. This is enabled via the show_gallery attribute of a shortcode. So, show_gallery="Load gallery" will just show a button with text “Load Gallery” and not the gallery itself. Clicking on the button will load the gallery. This is mainly to facilitate faster responses on the initial load of your page, and to help rank your pages better on search engines.
  3. There was a small bug wherein for users not authorized to edit theme options, the admin menu would show a blank “Photonic” sub-menu item. This has been removed.
  4. The query chaining option for Google Photos was triggering an API quota issue if invalid album ids were passed to the shortcode. This has been addressed.

Hope you enjoy this release.

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