Photonic Version 2.27 – More Optimization and Cord-Cutting

I have just released version 2.27 of Photonic. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons this took longer to release than my previous versions, and this is mainly down to a combination of personal and professional factors taking priority.

This is mainly an optimization-specific release with the following changes:

  1. Removed dependency on jQuery Migrate:
    Whenever any WP plugin / theme loads jQuery, WP loads an additional script called jQuery Migrate. This script helps other plugins that have been coded on really old jQuery versions operate successfully without errors. However, there are users who like to disable jQuery Migrate via additional plugins. The good news is that with this version of Photonic you should be completely insulated from such plugins. I made updates to the following lightbox scripts to ensure that they are coded as per current jQuery guidelines:

    • Colorbox
    • Fancybox 1
    • Image Lightbox
    • PrettyPhoto
  2. Option Optimization:
    There were a few options to control borders and padding around individual photos for all sources. I took these out of the plugin. These options were not used by many users and served to add unnecessary CSS to the plugin. This keeps the custom CSS size small enough to not require caching the CSS file for it, instead printing the CSS in the head of the page.
    Additionally I have moved the option default values to a different file, which helps reduce some of the back-end load on the plugin.
  3. JS and CSS Optimization:
    Wherever possible I have ensured that CSS and JS files are served as singular entities as opposed to a collection of files. E.g. For Swipebox you will now see one CSS file and one JS file. Earlier this used to correspond to 3 CSS files and 3 JS files. This should help save some server roundtrips.
  4. I have added some screenshots for documentation within the option pages of the plugin.

Hope you enjoy this release!

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