Photonic Version 2.43 – Stability Patch

I have released version 2.43 of Photonic. This is a stability patch addressing the following issues after last week’s big 2.40 upgrade:

  1. Trying to create a new post on PHP 5.6.x was causing a fatal error. This should be fine now.
  2. There was a corner case conflict between the use of the standard WP hook, the_title, by bbPress and Photonic. This conflict was causing a fatal error on the forum page of bbPress with Photonic activated. I contend that this is a bbPress bug that needs to be fixed, but nonetheless, I have added some code at my end that prevents the error from being triggered on Photonic’s side.
  3. The “Load More” functionality was not working for the “Helpers” page. Additionally it was not working for pages where the photonic_helper shortcode was used by itself. Both these scenarios have bee addressed.
  4. There was an older undiscovered bug pertaining to Flickr videos not playing. I have put in a workaround for this.

On a related note, I am very pleased with the remarkable performance improvements brought about in 2.40+. Earlier most of Photonic code used to get loaded if you had the plugin activated, but now only a minimal set of functions is loaded. This in itself has caused non-Photonic pages on users’ sites to speed up. Additionally earlier code for all sources used to be loaded into memory regardless of which type of gallery you are building. Now only the code corresponding to the type of gallery used is loaded.

Hope you enjoy this release, and I hope this is the last of the stability patches for the 2.40 upgrade.