Photonic Versions 2.44 & 2.45 – Stabilization Patch

I missed providing the change log for the last couple of Photonic releases, but both were fairly minor and dealt mostly with stabilization. Anyway, for the sake of completeness, here goes:

  1. 2.44
    1. I removed the capability to show “more buttons” on archive views. This was a feature that was rarely used, if ever, but took up a good bit of code.
    2. I improved the way error messages are displayed while communicating with different sources.
    3. I fixed a bug with the Google Photos module where an invalid refresh token was causing an error about missing OAuth2 credentials.
    4. Instagram’s tokens were supposed to be automatically refreshed close to expiry. This was not working and has been fixed.
    5. I fixed a bug where the “More” button was not showing up on the wizard for Instagram.
    6. Album descriptions were showing up if albums were included on pages. This has been fixed.
  2. 2.45
    1. Titles of SmugMug folders, Flickr collections and Zenfolio groups were not showing up on pages in some cases (this was working fine for posts). This has been addressed.