Photonic Version 3.03 – PHP 7.1, Minor Improvements

I released version 3.03 of Photonic on Monday this week. This is a minor release with some big changes under the hood:

  1. Additions
    1. New hooks, photonic_custom_sort_albums and photonic_custom_sort_photos have been added to sort the output before being returned to the front-end.
    2. Options have been added to manage LightGallery controls on mobile devices. See here.
  2. Changes
    1. PHP support has been updated to 7.1. It is likely that WP will, in the coming months, move its minimum supported version to 7.2. I will be progressively moving up Photonic’s support to be compatible with new PHP versions.
    2. WP compatibility support has been updated to version 6.4.
    3. Options for transpiled code have been removed, since IE support was dropped in version 3.00.
  3. Fixes
    1. The Sort options in the Wizard were displaying for all types of Flickr level 1 displays (multiple / album / gallery photos) – this has been corrected to only display for multiple photos. See here.
    2. SmugMug keyword settings for albums, when defined through the Wizard, were not working. See here.
    3. Options to handle the gallery header configurations were not being deconstructed via the Wizard.
  4. Code Housekeeping
    1. The “Modules” folder has been renamed to “Platforms”, and the “Core.php” file has been renamed to “Base.php”.
    2. The following lightbox scripts have been updated to their latest stable versions: Lightgallery, PhotoSwipe, Splide.

Enjoy this release!