Gallery Support

Photonic supports a wide array of features across multiple providers:

Provider Requirements What Can You Show?
Single Photo
(Level 0)
(Level 1)
Albums / Sets / Galleries
(Level 2)
Album Groups
(Level 3)
Native WP Nothing extra needed; works out of the box Not supported Standard gallery photos Standard galleries No such feature in WP No such feature in WP
Flickr Supported User Photos and Group Pools Albums / Photosets and Galleries Collections, with lazy loading Visitors login, back-end authentication and privacy levels
Google Photos Not supported Photos Albums No such feature in Google Photos Back-end authentication
SmugMug Not supported User photos Albums User tree and Folders Password-protection, or visitors log in
Zenfolio Nothing extra needed; works out of the box Supported User and Generic photos Photosets (Galleries and Collections) Groups and Group hierarchies Password-protection supported, login not supported
Instagram No API key needed, but see instructions for authentication Supported User photos No such feature in Instagram No such feature in Instagram Back-end / server-side

The Need for an API Key (🔗)

Photonic helps fetch photos from various third-party providers, viz. Flickr, Picasa / Google, 500px, Smugmug, Zenfolio and Instagram. Some of these providers require you to sign up for an API key, and I don’t bundle my own with the app for two simple reasons:

  1. Potential rate-limiting
    Let’s say I had bundled my Flickr API key with the plugin and you were using it to show your photos. If you had several thousand photos, the fetching of those photos would get tagged to my id, potentially marking me as a “high use” individual. Flickr might then decide that since I am using my key so much, it should make me upgrade my level of service, or it might block my API key. These are potentially dangerous for both, me, and the end user. As a result, Photonic enforces the use of an individual’s API key.
  2. Usage Restrictions
    Various providers’s Terms of Service mandate that a free API key will not be used for commercial purposes. I don’t make any money off Photonic, so I could use the API key as I pleased. However, if I bundled my API key with the plugin and you used it for commercial reasons, I would be in direct violation of the terms of service, and that puts me at significant legal risk.