Folders in SmugMug are collections of Albums and other folders. Photonic can show SmugMug folders by this sort of invocation:

[gallery type='smugmug' view='folder' folder='43NgwD']

The key parameters to note are:

  • view='folder' – This tells Photonic that a folder is being requested
  • folder='xyz' – This tells Photonic which folder is being requested. You can get the ID of the folder from Photonic → Helpers → SmugMug User Albums and Folders. With effect from version 2.00 you will not require the “Helpers” if you use the “Add / Edit Photonic Gallery” button to insert your gallery

Folder invocations behave like user trees – they traverse down the chain and list all embedded folders and albums. The albums are displayed as thumbnails, while the folders’s headers are displayed. You can prevent the display of the folder’s headers by setting headers='' in the shortcode. Passing a layout parameter helps control the layout you want to use for your folder’s display.