User Tree

Displaying a User’s “Tree” (🔗)

All SmugMug albums of a user can be viewed using the view='tree' parameter in this manner:

[gallery type='smugmug' nick_name='nickname' view='tree']

Note that you need the nickname of the user whose photos you want to see. The nickname can be got from the SmugMug URL for that user. E.g. If the SmugMug URL is, you have to set nick_name='joe-sixpack'. In older Smugmug parlance the user tree had “Categories”, under which there were “Sub-Categories” or “Albums”. In the newer Smugmug world the user tree has “Folders”, which could have nested “Folders” or “Albums”, with 5 levels of nesting supported. Photonic supports both, “Categories” and “Folders”, and using the “tree” view shows the albums appropriately nested.

You can see the results here for Sayontan Sinha’s user tree:

Private and Protected Content (🔗)

If you have some protected folders (not password-protected, but ones where access is explicitly granted to others), you will have to be authenticated to display those.

Password-protected albums are displayed in the tree like normal albums, and can be viewed by clicking and subsequently providing a password. In the Bushveld album above, put in Saffa as the password to explore.