Group Hierarchy

The “Group Hierarchy” in Zenfolio shows all the Groups, Galleries and Collections for a given user. It is triggered when the view parameter is set to hierarchy, and needless to say, it requires the login_name of the user as a parameter:

[gallery type='zenfolio' view='hierarchy' login_name='...'] 

If your Zenfolio URL is, your login_name is sayontan. This is how it shows up:

I used this shortcode:

[gallery type='zenfolio' view='hierarchy' login_name='sayontan' layout='random']

The settings page at Photonic → Settings → Zenfolio → Zenfolio Groups applies to hierarchies as well.

Miscellaneous Parameters (🔗)

The following miscellaneous parameters can be used:

  • limit – Shows a certain number of results. The default is 20.
  • columns – Number of thumbnails per row. The default is auto, so the plugin tries to arrange thumbnails one after another till a row is full.
  • thumb_size – This is the size of displayed thumbnails. This can take the following values:
    • 0 – Small thumbnail, upto 80 × 80px
    • 1 – Square thumbnail, 60 × 60px, cropped square
    • 10 – Medium thumbnail, upto 120 × 120px
    • 11 – Large thumbnail, upto 120 × 120px
    • 2 – Small image, upto 400 × 400px
  • structure
  • – Used when view is group or hierarchy. The attribute takes values nested (default) or flat. If flat is picked, all photosets within a group show up in a single level instead of showing up within other groups (i.e. instead of showing up nested).

The following shows the use of the structure parameter:

[gallery type='zenfolio' view='hierarchy' login_name='sayontan' layout='square' structure='flat']

Password-Protected Collections / Galleries in Group Hierarchies (🔗)

If a Group has a Gallery / Collection (i.e. a PhotoSet) that is password-protected, you have a few options:

  1. You can hide the thumbnails for password-protected Galleries / Collections from Photonic → Settings → Zenfolio → Zenfolio Photoset Thumbnails (with other Photosets) → Hide thumbnails for Password-protected sets
  2. If you don’t do the above, the thumbnails will show up for the Galleries / Collections as in the example on this page. Maui (password Ski) and Shanghai (password Teas) are protected thus. If you click on a password-protected Gallery / Collection, you will get a prompt to enter the password. Putting it in lets you see the contents of that Gallery / Collection. Once entered, the authentication from Zenfolio is valid for 24 hours.
  3. In the Galleries Maui and Shanghai above, there is a significant difference in the way the photos are displayed. In particular, you can see everything in Maui with the right password, however for Shanghai you get the “lock” picture. This seems to be a limitation in Zenfolio’s API (at least in the method that Photonic uses), wherein it isn’t passing down the authentication details from the album to the individual photos. It might also be an issue with the plugin’s code, but I am not sure. This is easy to get around, however:
    1. Go to your password-protected Gallery / Collection in your Zenfolio Control Panel.
    2. Select all the photos in there.
    3. On the right you will see a link, “Photo Access”. Click on it.
    4. In the resultant popup you will see a checkbox at the top, “Same as Containing Gallery (Locked with password)”, or, if you are looking at a Collection, “Same as Containing Collection (Locked with password)”. Uncheck that.
    5. In the options below that, make the photos “Public”. That’s all. Your photos will be visible now, when you launch open the gallery with the password.

Photonic does not support password-protection of Groups themselves, at least from the UI’s point of view. But you could define a password for a Group and have it inherited by all its Galleries and Collections, and you could show those in Photonic.

Authentication / Authorization (🔗)

Photonic doesn’t support authentication / authorization for Zenfolio. The only supported feature is the password-based access at the level of individual Galleries / Collections.