Photonic supports the following types of photoset displays:

  • Individual photosets
  • Photoset searches by text
  • Photoset searches by category
  • Popular photosets
  • Recent photosets

To display any of the above, the following parameters are mandatory:

  • type="zenfolio"
  • view="photosets"
  • photoset_type="Gallery" or photoset_type="Collection" – Mandatory if you are not displaying an individual photoset

Individual Photosets (🔗)

To display an individual photoset, the following is the syntax:

[gallery type='zenfolio' view='photosets' object_id='...' limit='10'] 

The object_id above is the id of your photoset. How do you know what that is? Go to a photoset (either a Gallery or a Collection) in Zenfolio, say (this is one of my galleries). The underlined part is your id. The limit parameter is optional, and can help display a smaller number of photos if you have too many.

So, using the shortcode for the above photoset with a random layout:

Password-protected Photosets (🔗)

There are two ways to display a password-protected photoset:

  1. Using the password attribute of the shortcode
  2. Displaying a password prompt when the photoset thumbnail is clicked (see the Groups page)

The following is an example of #1 from the above:

I have used the shortcode:

[gallery type='zenfolio' view='photosets' object_id='p119665567' layout='random' password='Ski']

What is the point of supporting a password attribute in the shortcode? I wrote up a reason / use-case in the Smugmug section of the plugin.

Photoset Searches by Text (🔗)

To search for a photoset by text, simply pass the text parameter to it:

[gallery type='zenfolio' view='photosets' photoset_type='Gallery' text='...'] 

The following are galleries returned while searching for “wildlife”:

The results are sorted by date, the most recent showing first. You could alternatively specify an explicit sort_order parameter, which can take the values Popularity, Rank or Date.

The following are the 25 most popular wildlife collections with 5 thumbnails per row:

The above uses the shortcode:

[gallery type='zenfolio' view='photosets' text='wildlife' sort_order='Popularity' limit=25 columns=5 photoset_type='Collection'] 

Photoset Searches by Category (🔗)

To search for a photoset by category, pass the category_code parameter to it:

[gallery type='zenfolio' view='photosets' photoset_type='Collection' category_code='...'] 

How do you get the category_code? You can go to Photonic → Helpers → Zenfolio → Zenfolio Categories, and list out all the available categories. Pick the one that you need.

The following are the most popular photosets in the category “Portraits” (category code 3012000):

The above uses the shortcode:

[gallery type='zenfolio' view='photosets' photoset_type='Collection' category_code='3012000' sort_order='Popularity']

For category-based searches you cannot specify Rank in your sort order – Popularity and Date are the only available options.

To display the most popular photos or the most recent photos, use the kind parameter and pass to it the values popular or recent. So:

[gallery type='zenfolio' view='photosets' photoset_type='Collection' kind='recent'] 

I am not showing a working example of photos from the above because of the adult nature of some photos.

Miscellaneous Parameters (🔗)

The following miscellaneous parameters can be used whenever multiple results are going to be returned:

  • limit – Shows a certain number of results. The default is 20.
  • columns – Number of thumbnails per row. The default is auto, so the plugin tries to arrange thumbnails one after another till a row is full.
  • thumb_size – This is the size of displayed thumbnails. This can take the following values:
    • 0 – Small thumbnail, upto 80 × 80px
    • 1 – Square thumbnail, 60 × 60px, cropped square
    • 10 – Medium thumbnail, upto 120 × 120px
    • 11 – Large thumbnail, upto 120 × 120px
    • 2 – Small image, upto 400 × 400px