Menus – Native, Enhanced and Mega

WordPress introduced native support for menus with version 3.0. For the average user they suffice. You can, after all, add any page, category or custom link, and then nest them anyhow you want. But for all their goodness, the native menus lack something:

  • What if you wanted to add pages / categories automatically to the menu whenever they got created? After all, there might be many authors on your site without full administrative privileges to modify menus etc.
  • What if you wanted to add all current and future pages automatically except some.

Enter the enhanced menus of Suffusion, which let you tackle the above scenarios effortlessly. Moreover you can easily mix and match native WP menus with Suffusion’s enhanced ones.

Suffusion's Enhanced Menus let you do things that WP Menus don't

But what if you need even more control? Think along these lines:

  • Something more than plain old drop-down menus
  • Menu content that changes for each page that you visit
  • Items that are visible only to some users
  • Your latest 5 posts or Tweets, or the last 5 comments on your site

If you were thinking Mega Menus, you thought right: Suffusion is the only free theme to offer mega menus to its users. Used in combination with a plugin like Widget Logic it gives you infinite control over how your menus should appear.

Mega Menus for fine-grained control over your menus

So roll up your sleeves and take total control of your menus!