Witty Asides

With a whole lot of features and goodies, Suffusion comes with a side that is witty and classy at the same time.

A Brand New Lingo

A lot of terms apply very well to Suffusion, and are often firmly tongue in cheek.

verb (used with object)
to take a concept and fill it with options for the layperson to use
Usage: The featured content widget is suffused with options.
a child theme of Suffusion
Usage: Download this suffu-scion to get started.
the method of doing something with Suffusion
Usage: This suffu-science will teach you how to build different headers for different pages.
verb (used without object)
customize something to the point beyond which customization is impossible or impractical
Usage: The options for date box customization suffice.
verb (used without object)
leave Suffusion to work with other themes
the act of leaving Suffusion
Usage: verb: I am going to suffu-shun. noun: This is suffu-shun.
a long time user of Suffusion
Usage: Some suffurers have been with the theme since the very first release.
the tyrannical forum leader who wants everybody to follow the forum rules and eliminates spammers with no mercy
Usage: Sayontan is the Suff├╝hrer for the Aquoid forum.

A Suffusion of …

Douglas Adams’ The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul introduces the concept of an I Ching Calculator, where everything calculated to a value greater than 4 results in “a suffusion of yellow”. Interestingly enough, of all the skins in Suffusion, there is none that is based on yellow. Maybe the theme hasn’t yet evaluated to 4 or more in some mathematical world.

Don’t Panic

Immortalized in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the words “Don’t Panic” are meant to reassure you, and yet result in quite the opposite effect. Originally a picture of Marvin the Paranoid Android used to be bundled with the theme.

Marvin, from Buena Vista's "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
Unfortunately Marvin didn’t survive the wrath of GPL and, fair use be damned, he was sent to oblivion using the infinite improbability drive. Instead he was replaced by a rather staid-looking text:
A humorous welcome message, that sends out all the wrong signals
As it would happen, this well-intentioned bit of humour did go over a few heads! But Douglas Adams rules the world of Suffusion, and the panic warning stays.