Suffusion 2.0.x Released

Version 2.0.x of Suffusion was released on 25th August 2009. Such a jump in versions was warranted because of the significant enhancements to functionality by providing theme options. To provide a gist:

  • 9 new color schemes to choose from. The original used to be green on white. Now I have green, pale blue, royal blue, light gray and dark gray, all on both black (dark) and white (light).
  • In addition to the canned schemes, you can pick any one and customize the colors further. You can set the colors for the header title and description and for the fonts in the main body. You can define the colors for links, link hovers and active links. You can also have your custom colors for the body background.
  • You can use your own header and background images to make things more spiced up.
  • Your sidebar boxes can be unstyled or have more colorful headers.
  • Your sidebar could appear on either the left or the right side.
  • You can control which pages you want to show in the navigation bar. If you exclude a parent page, all the children pages are hidden automatically
  • You can add code for Google Analytics and OpenID setup

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