Suffusion 2.2.1 is Now Live

Suffusion 2.2.1 went live on 8th September. The key features in this release are:

  1. New colors – You can now pick an orange-base
  2. A “Home” Button – You can show a “Home” icon or tab in addition to the pages on your blog in the navigation bar
  3. Control over comments – You can hide your trackbacks / pingbacks if you don’t want them to show up with the rest of the comments.
  4. Better sidebar control – You can now define the font / link colors for your sidebars. You can also turn off the “drag-and-drop” feature or the “expand / collapse” feature for the widgets.

Plans for the upcoming releases:

  1. The feature that has been requested the most is a narrower page. I was inconsiderate enough at the time of building the theme, to have a default width of 1050 pixels. That is 26 pixels more than what people with older monitors can see. So my first priority at this moment is to either have the width configurable or to have some predefined widths to pick from.
  2. In version 2.1.5 I introduced an extra sidebar. I have been toying with the introduction of new widget areas, particularly in the footer.
  3. I have also been working on custom gradient backgrounds for the header. I have my gradient code ready, but the testing is taking time, and I have not had the opportunity to tie it with the options yet.
  4. The last feature I have been thinking about is separation of trackbacks / pingbacks / tweetbacks from the rest of the comments. The easy way to do it would be to use jQuery (or some predefined JavaScript library), but I am not very keen on loading a big JavaScript library. Let me see how I can implement this.

I believe that with the above list I should be through with the overall feature list for the theme, unless someone has a few other suggestions. A vote of thanks for the users of the theme who have been providing me feedback – your inputs have been extremely helpful. Thank you!