Thanks, Translators!

Over the past few days I have received a lot of support from willing volunteers who translated Suffusion into different languages. I would like to thank each of you who did this:

  1. French – Wolforg. Given my familiarity with the basics of French, this is the first language to be officially included with the theme. Version 2.4.7 of the theme, which is currently awaiting approval from WP, has this included
  2. Spanish – Memoria De Una Desmemoriada and Erik. Version 2.4.8 will have this included.
  3. Catalan – Erik again. Version 2.4.8 will have this included.
  4. Portuguese – Luis Santos. Version 2.4.8 will have this included.

The delay in getting the translations out is mainly due to the fact that the translations are for a prior version, so the line numbers are different. The reconciliation process is lengthy, so it takes me some time.

Anyone with a German or a Russian translation?

One Response to “Thanks, Translators!”

  1. Hello Sayontan,
    I’m very proud to be the first translator of your great WordPress theme included with the theme.

    Keep the pressure 😉

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