Suffusion Version 2.6.0

On 8th November 2009 I submitted a new version of Suffusion – 2.6.0. This version has two main updates:

  1. Tabbed Widgets
    You can now use Tabbed Widgets a.k.a. Tabbed Sidebar. This one was one of the more time-consuming features to implement – the amount of testing on different browsers was astronomical. In keeping with my tradition I have loaded this with options that let you pick and decide what you want to show in the tabs. However, this is the first release, so it is missing fine-grained control over the individual tabs. E.g. You will see only monthly archives in the “Archives” tab – I haven’t provided the option to select other viewing modes. Yet. Expect some more features in the coming weeks.
    The default WP widgets are supported within this (with the exception of the text widget and the RSS widget). Note that what I have implemented is not technically a widget / sidebar, but simply a graphical element that is put above your sidebars.
  2. A Bug Fix
    I was naive enough to think that the world had moved to PHP 5 and beyond. Turns out that some host providers are still on PHP 4. I had put in some chaining code in one of my function calls, which kept crashing in version 2.5.7 of the theme if you were on PHP 4. I have fixed this bug.

A word of caution to users who have customized their widths manually in prior releases in the “Custom Styles” section. If you are activating the tabbed widgets, be warned that your layout might go wonky. To fix it, add another custom style for “#sidebar-container” and set its width accordingly. If both your sidebars are on the same side, this element should be twice the width of the sidebars + 17px. If you have sidebars on both sides of your main content, set the width to that of a sidebar + 15px.

The next release will have customizable widths for the main column and the sidebars, to make life easier for all of you.

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