Suffusion Version 2.6.1

Suffusion Version 2.6.1 was released on 10th November 2009. The key features in this release are:

  1. Customizable Widths
    I had recently made a release (2.5.4) where the overall page width could be set. I received several requests to make the individual components’ widths configurable, like the main column or the sidebar. So I built this feature into release 2.6.1. Note that if you have defined custom widths in the “Custom Styles” option, you will have to unset those for the settings from here to take effect.
  2. Custom JavaScript files
    Suffusion has had the capability to add custom CSS files, styles, JavaScript code and RSS links. Rather obtusely, though, it was missing the capability to define custom JavaScript files to include. I have added this feature.
  3. Bug Fixes
    There are some important bug-fixes that I have implemented in this release:
    1. There was an issue with translations. Some strings were not getting translated. E.g. The “Page x of y” at the bottom of each page or comments. I have fixed this.
    2. For the WPML plugin there was an error showing up. This, technically was not a Suffusion bug – WPML tends to return a “null” list of pages from the “get_pages” function if there are no pages in the selected language. I have put in a check in Suffusion to prevent the error from coming up.
    3. Some web hosts do not allow the PHP call file_get_contents() to run. This was causing a Twitter Feed problem for the Twitter widget. I have fixed this and replaced the call with cURL.
    4. For some people there was a backslash deluge upon saving of settings. What would happen is that some characters would get “escaped” upon saving, then they would show up with the “” character, which itself would get “escaped” and add two new “” characters. I understood from the WordPress Codex that WP escapes characters while saving them, so I don’t have control over that functionality. However I did force a “stripslashes” call for displaying the fields with issues. This ensures that the perpetual backslash cycle is broken.

Thanks to all for continually providing feedback. In the order of priority I first tackle bugs, then I handle new features, and then feature requests. Do excuse me if your development request was not handled; I need to sleep too, sometimes! 🙂

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  1. Sayontan,

    Great option the customizable widths! Now I only have to set the width of the main column and I get the desired page layout. Now I can get rid of several modifications I made in the css. Super!!


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