Suffusion Version 2.6.3

I submitted version 2.6.3 for approval last night. This release has one major feature and some bug fixes:

  1. RTL Language Support (Experimental)
    I bundled in “Right to Left” language support for the theme. However, this feature is experimental and probably has a few minor kinks that need to be ironed out. If any of you tests out the feature, do let me know of any problems that you encounter. This is a bit of a novelty for me, and given the size of my stylesheets, I am sure there will be some issues, so any input is greatly appreciated.
  2. Bug Fixes
    Turns out that I had broken some functionality in the admin page when I provided the category navigation menu. It was preventing the users from modifying their “featured categories” list. I have fixed this. There were a few other minor bugs that I fixed.

Now for what I could NOT do:

  1. I had hoped to provide a short-code for including Featured Posts on any page / post. But this was more difficult than I had anticipated, because the Featured Posts section has posts and there seems to be some difficulty with conflicting variables for multiple posts being displayed within a single post. This would have been a pretty cool feature, though, if I had managed to get it to work!

Coming soon:

  1. A translation for Brazilian Portuguese was submitted to me by Bosco Carvalho, but I haven’t had the time to incorporate it into the theme. I will do so shortly
  2. Some really useful short-codes, which will help you include different types of information on any post/page. E.g. A list of all categories, or pages, or archives.
  3. Better control over what you see on the tabbed sidebars
  4. More drop-down navigations (links, archives etc)

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