Suffusion Version 2.6.4

I submitted version 2.6.4 last night, but it hasn’t been approved yet. The key addition to this release was the ability to select “featured pages” for the featured content section. In addition I corrected a few bugs. I had somehow rolled back a change in the “All Categories” template, causing the template as a whole to disappear. That has been fixed. There happens to be another issue – if, for some reason your navigation bar spills over to a new line, the drop-downs displayed from the upper line get obscured by the lower line. I fixed this for most browsers. Unfortunately the browsers for which it has not been fixed are IE 7 and IE 6, which is the majority of the surfing population. I have been losing copious amounts of hair over this bug, so if any of you is able to resolve it or knows of a fix, please let me know.

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