Suffusion Version 3.0.9

Version 3.0.9 was released on 21st December. The key features of this release are:

  1. Featured content can now be displayed on static pages. This has been quite a highly requested feature, so I am happy to have that out of the gates.
  2. You can now control the total number of excerpts to be shown in the magazine template. Again, this was a requested feature.
  3. A couple of bug-fixes were included. The first ensures that for the “Home” page and the “Posts” page the page names in the navigation bar are highlighted. The second is a minor fix that corrects a navigation bar alignment problem in non-Mozilla browsers.

2 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.0.9”

  1. I installed your theme yesterday. It is really nice.
    Before that I used Mandigo, where it was possible, to load several pictures into a special directory (images/header). After every pageload the header image was changing randomly.
    Is it possible to get such a solution for Suffusion? Or is there any other way to get those “rotating images”?

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