Suffusion Version 3.1.8

Version 3.1.8 was released on 18th January 2010. This version has some bug fixes and some minor enhancements:

  1. A “flattened” mode was added for the sidebars. Instead of the traditional “boxed” layout you can opt for a flat look. Take a look at “Sidebars and Widget Areas” in “Visual Effects”
  2. Did some CSS optimization and removed a lot of CSS code from individual color schemes. This should make the pages load faster
  3. Some people were facing issues with one of the widgets included in version 3.1.6 (the “Follow Me” widget). The problem had more to do with uncooperative and paranoid hosts. I had initially refused to address this because it is not a problem with the theme and moreover the hosts banking on this feature (the PHP “safe mode”) are using something from PHP 4, which has been deprecated in PHP 5 and will be altogether removed in PHP 6. Eventually I relented and provided a patch. I don’t understand the fascination that some hosts have with outdated software, though – it is incredibly restrictive and serves absolutely no purpose other than supporting some arcane applications. See this thread for details.
  4. There was a bug in IE 7 where the “Edit” icon was showing up on singular views, or single pages and posts. I have fixed this.
  5. There is now a new Brazilian Portuguese translation! Thanks to Paulo Cesar for the same.

As I write this I am working on version 3.1.9, which will provide a bunch of author-related short codes. This will help you build an “author info” section for each post / page, which is something I am providing capabilities for, too!

2 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.1.8”

  1. How would we use something like the author’s shortcodes, but permanently on every post/page? Should we add the shortcode somewhere in the theme’s function files or can we do it somewhere else so we can have it show up at the bottom of each post and page automatically.

    like this one:
    “[suffusion-the-author display=’description’]”

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