Suffusion Version 3.2.0

Version 3.2.0 was released today. This is a small release with few, but important changes:

  1. A new template for “All Bookmarks” – A “bookmark”, in WP-speak is an external link. This template will list out all the links defined for your blog.
  2. A modification to the “Author Info” section – I had added this at the end of the content earlier, but revised the implementation to add this before the end of the post. Might seem like a minor thing, or a “non-change”, but the difference is seen when you are using specific page templates like “All Categories” or “All Authors”
  3. A cosmetic change to the “Follow Me” widget – It was pointed out to me that the email subscription field in the “Follow Me” widget was not showing the “default text” unless you actually clicked on the field and then clicked out of it. I have fixed this.

I am working on a better image resizing capability, since a lot of users have had issues stating that the custom image size was not working. This should be done for 3.2.1. Also, there have been quite a few covert changes which will help me transition smoothly into the next big thing – custom layouts.

2 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.2.0”

  1. I hope to update Design over and over,
    To show this theme more professional .. Example :

    Unfortunately ..
    this theme very classic
    Is it possible separate files admin
    because when browse to Control Panel (Suffusion Theme Options)
    there is delay in the browse .
    thanks for support more and more .

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