Suffusion Version 3.2.2

After the glitches with the version distributed by WP for 3.2.0, I am happy to announce the release of 3.2.2. Do let me know if you face download issues with the new version – I will report it to WP. The following are the major features of this version:

  1. New Thumbnail Resizing

    In the past I received a fair share of reports regarding image resizing not working well enough. A lot of it had to do with WP caching an image with a different size. With this release I switched to the ultra-popular TimThumb resizing script. I did have to make my fair share of tweaks to get this to work as I would have liked, but it wasn’t that difficult. Hopefully things should work for you out of the box. If you download the new version of the theme TimThumb should be activated by default.

    Depending on the permissions you have, things should work smoothly for you from the start. If it doesn’t, check the folder called wp-content/uploads. Do you have “write” permissions on it? If so, are there folders called “thumb-cache” and “thumb-temp” there? You might need to change their permissions to “777” through shell access on your hosting account.

    Also, you may have issues getting TimThumb to work with WP-MU. Note that you can always switch back to the default WP resizing method if you don’t like TimThumb or if things don’t work out well for you. Go to Blog Features –> Excerpts / Full Contents –> Use TimThumb for Resizing and change the setting.

  2. Fixed a Twitter Widget rendering bug
    I had made a rather simple coding error that was causing invalid XHTML code output for the Twitter widget under certain conditions. I have fixed this.
  3. Fixed a W3C XHTML validation issue
    Thanks to a post on the support forum, I fixed an XHTML validation issue that was occurring for the featured posts.
  4. Fixed an alignment issue for the “Follow Me” widget in the “Right Header Widgets”
    This was again one of those things that escaped my attention the first time and got fixed thanks to a bug report.

I have another bug on my radar for the next version, which deals with featured content. I am also considering providing some short codes and templates in the next version.

3 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.2.2”

  1. Sayontan,

    I updated to the new version and it went smoothly… no problems and nothing like “whitescreens of death” etc. ;=)

    Cheers! Connie

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