Suffusion Version 3.2.7

Suffusion Version 3.2.7 was released today. The following key features are a part of this release:

  1. Favicons
    After having been asked umpteen times about Favicons, I finally bit the bullet and decided to offer integrated Favicon support with the theme. Mind you though, all modern and arcane browsers (up to Internet Explorer 4) are capable of dealing with a favicon.ico file in your root directory / other directories. However, given the frequency of the question I finally added explicit support for it.
  2. “List” Display
    In keeping with my goal of multiple layouts I have built out the capability to show a “list” of posts instead of full content or excerpts. You can set this up through the “Excerpts / Full Contents” options.
  3. Bug Fixes
    There are two bug fixes. The first was causing the thumbnail container in the magazine layout to appear irrespective of the settings. The second was not a bug per se, but it was an incompatibility with certain paranoid hosts that was causing the “Follow Me” widget to error out. Thanks to Wim Scholtes, that has now been fixed.

I have received some translation updates that I will include in the next version.

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