Suffusion Version 3.2.8

Version 3.2.8 was released a couple of hours backs, with a bunch of modifications:

  1. New Short Codes
    You now have two new short codes. The first is “suffusion-adsense”, which takes the parameters client, slot, width and height, and prints out the ad corresponding to these parameters wherever invoked. You could call it in the middle of a post to see the ads in there, or you could call this in the widgets. The second short code is “suffusion-tag-cloud” and it prints out your tag cloud. It takes all parameters of the wp_tag_cloud() function and you can use it to print a tag cloud in your text widgets with the font sizes you wish and change the number of tags displayed there from 45 to something else.
  2. New Tiles Layout
    The previous release had a “List Layout” and this one has a new “Tiles Layout”. This is analogous to a magazine layout enabled for different types of views – category, tag, search etc. See the new options in “Excerpts / Full Contents” under “Blog Features”
  3. Fixes and Modifications
    If you were to use the new templates I provided in version 3.2.5 (Single Left Sidebar etc) you would have noticed some discrepancies in the drag-and-drop behavior. If you haven’t noticed those, it simply means I have beaten you to the bug and fixed the issues ;-). I also made pages included in Featured Content order by menu_order. Lastly I had made a “Programming 101” error in one of my fixes in 3.2.7 and put in an erroneous “if” condition in the “Follow Me” widget. Thanks to Wim Scholtes’ alert eyes this has been fixed.
  4. Updated Translations
    I received updated translations from Didier for French, Manfred for German (Du) and Connie for German (Sie). So along with Wim’s Dutch translation, Team Blogos’ Danish translation and Memoria’s Spanish translation, these are the new ones that are 100% translated. Thanks folks!

I would like to reach out to the other folks who can translate. The following translations are out of date and could use your help:

  1. Arabic – ar.po,, 47% translated
  2. Catalan – ca.po,, 25% translated
  3. Greek – el_GR.po,, 85% translated (Harry has said he will translate the remaining strings)
  4. Norwegian – nb_NO.po,, 88% translated
  5. Brazilian Portuguese – pt_BR.po,, 90% translated
  6. Portuguese – pt_PT.po,, 38% translated
  7. Swedish – sv_SE.po,, 41% translated.

The ones with less than 50% translation need some attention. Also I would like to welcome translations for other common languages like Mandarin and Russian.

I realized that with some of the changes I made over the past few releases some aspects of the RTL layout may have broken. I will work on fixing those soon.

3 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.2.8”

  1. Hi,
    is there an option to change the “tile” layout? As I use a multilanguage plugin and my default language is German, I don’t want to use “Full Story” as a link description. Beyond that there is no Story behind the link, it is more a media on page/article that will follow.

    • You can’t do it at this point. However I will very soon (probably the next big release) add much better WPML support and you will be able to use the WPML plugin to translate admin page strings.

  2. Hi,

    is there a way to change the “Full Story” link at the tiles layout? My blog is German and I would need to change the string into something else, beyond that it wouldn’t be a story or article that will follow….


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