Suffusion Version 3.4.2

After the rather non-core 3.4.1, the 3.4.2 release has quite a few new core additions.

  1. Custom PHP
    I added a new capability to include custom PHP. Though this appears minor, it is actually a significant addition in a lot of ways. For one, you can make use of the hooks built into Suffusion, plus any of the standard hooks that WP provides. A look at the actions.php file and the filters.php file will tell you what the hooks from Suffusion are. I will be adding a few more hooks at different positions in the theme’s layout so that you can extend Suffusion with specific features. Mind you, doing this takes a good bit of skill at working with WP, so providing this is aimed more at advanced users who still want to be able to upgrade the theme and take advantage of new features.
    The feature has been added to what was formerly called “Custom CSS, JavaScript and RSS”. This is now called “Custom Includes”.
  2. Enhancements
    I have added support for two additional TimThumb attributes, “Zoom Crop” and “Quality”. This will address some concerns people had about the thumbnails not really showing the part of the image that they wanted, and of the default quality being grainy in a few cases. The options were added to the former “Excerpts / Full Contents” option screen, which is now called “Layout: Excerpt / List / Tile / Full”. I have added option grouping to this screen
    I have also added support for the “sync” option of the JQuery Cycle plugin used in the Featured Content section.
  3. Default JS Versions
    One more thing I did was to change the default versions of the included JavaScript files to 1.0. Otherwise your WordPress version is appended to the JavaScript file URL. Some people tend to think this increases security, though I believe it doesn’t help at all.
    Someone looking at your source code can easily figure out you are using WordPress because there are references to “wp” littered throughout folder names in the WordPress structure. After that you just need to know that the RSS feed can be accessed by appending “feed” to your blog’s URL. So if your site is hosted at, your feed will be A person looking at your raw RSS feed can determine which version of WP you are using, and no amount of masking, by either the FeedSmith FeedBurner plugin or otherwise can prevent that. Try it out.
  4. Bug Fixes
    There was a bug in the “Single Left, Single Right Sidebar” template that was failing to position the sidebars correctly. I have fixed this. I have also fixed an XHTML validation issue in the comment form, if you are using a plugin that helps subscribe to comments plugin.
  5. Translations
    Wim and Didier provided updated versions of the Dutch and French translations. Thanks, folks!

Hope you like this release.

3 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.4.2”

  1. I found that suffusion is the most completed theme i ever used, it is flexible & user friendly, i really love that.

  2. hey, first off: great theme and a joy to customize except for this one problem im running into, sometimes when i edit Suffusion 3.4.6 theme and saving it, it jumps back to its original color scheme, fonts, layout etc. have you come across this? or anyone else for that matter?

    and then i have a question, im really crap when it comes to www design so forgive me if its an obvious one, how do i edit, change, delete different titles/headers in the sidebar? i want to get rid if the “archive”.

    sorry if im being a pain


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