Useful Plugins for Suffusion

Having a lot of features also makes people request for more features to be added to Suffusion. In this post I will call out a few WordPress plugins that are extremely useful and can help you in a major way set up a Suffusion-powered blog.

  1. Page Links To, Redirection
    Page Links To” and “Redirection” are two plugins for the same purpose – creating pages that redirect elsewhere. On the surface this appears like no big deal, but once you scratch the surface you realize the power that this kind of a feature offers you. For starters, you can create new pages that point to just about anything: external links, specific posts, categories, tags – you name it. Combine this with the fact that you can define parent pages for pages, and you will have a neat hierarchical structure created with minimum fuss. Take this hierarchical structure and make a navigation menu out of it – it is that simple to create a truly custom navigation menu.
    I have used “Redirection” myself and found that it works pretty well, however some of the theme’s users have reported problems with it. I have, since then, started recommending the “Page Links To” plugin.
  2. Widget Logic
    One frequently asked question on the support forums is regarding having different sidebar contents for different pages. The answer to all such questions is the rather intuitive Widget Logic plugin. Widget Logic lets you control each widget’s presence in a page or post or view, so you can very easily achieve the kind of sidebars you are looking for.
  3. Exec-PHP
    The Exec-PHP plugin lets you run snippets of PHP code wherever you want. So you are no longer restricted to writing HTML / JavaScript code in widgets – you can use PHP as well.
  4. My Page Order, My Link Order, My Category Order
    Suffusion natively supports these plugins. As their names suggest, My Page Order lets you define a custom order for your pages, My Category Order lets you define a custom order for your categories and My Link Order lets you define a custom order for your links. The plugins offer drag-and-drop interfaces, so changing the sequence is really easy. The order you set is automatically pulled up in the navigation menus of Suffusion.

Any more that you would like to pitch in?

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  1. Aren’t you supposed to be in Vacation and enjoy the scenery!?

    You should take tons of pictures, and then you’ll find a way to manage them thru Suffusion settings…so I (we) do not have to use NextGEN…-just kidding.

    Enjoy your time and Stop posting!



    PS – Thanks for the Plugins Tip

  2. Below are a few I use:

    Fluency Admin: to improve the admin panels usability and looks.
    Cimy User Extra Fields: add extra fields to users profiles.
    Google Analytics Dashboard: a little analytics widget on my dashboard
    Revision Control: Set the max amount of stored revisions to avoid bloating of old unused content
    W3 Total Cache: minify your css, java, html and cache it for faster delivery
    Capability Manager: set capabilities by user level/role

  3. Thanks for putting this together. I already use WP-Logic and Exec PHP. Redirection and Ordering do seem useful.

    Here’s some more I use:

    XML Sitemap Feed
    WP to Twitter
    WP Greet Box
    WEBO Site SpeedUp
    Top 10
    Thank You Counter Button
    Subscribe To Comments
    Invisible Captcha
    Contact Form 7
    Advertising Manager
    Add Post URL

  4. – Link Library ( very Important ) .
    – WordPress Download Monitor ( very Important ) .
    Example :

    – Related Posts + WP-PostRatings + WP-PostViews + WP-Print + WP-Polls .
    – Contact Form 7
    – FancyBox for WordPress OR Shadowbox JS . ( support swf flv mp3 vedio )
    – PicasaView
    – NextGEN Gallery
    – AddToAny: Share/Bookmark/Email Button
    please development templates to be more beautiful
    Example :


  5. Shashin
    WordPress Database Backup for SME Storage
    WPtouch iPhone Theme
    Typekit Fonts for WordPress
    Table of Contents Creator
    Picasa Image Express
    Picasa Widget

    Yes, I keep my pictures on Picasa. I see no reason to upload my pics to multiple sites. Put them in one place and connect to them. Picasa does a pretty good job. Prefer it to Flikr. Picasa also allows you to synchronise with Picasa on your desktop. A huge time saver. Sashin is amazing. I also use Picasa widget express becasue it is simpler and faster for some purposes.

    These are in addition to a number of others mentioned in other posts. No sense in repeating things.

    Thanks for the plugin suggestions.

  6. I try almost of this plugins in my site. Very useful. I just add some nice too:
    – Login with Ajax
    – Executable PHP widget (if you want script only in your widget)

    I think I have found a totally nice theme that supporting almost all useful plugins for my site. Thank you.
    Keep posting!

  7. I’ve written a plugin called CMS Tree Page View ( that is a pretty good alternative to My Page Order. I thought that the my page order-plugin was bit to difficult to use and I think my plugin is a bit more intuitive. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

  8. Sayontan, I really love your theme. What I can’t figure out, however, is how to get the name of the category to display at the top of the category page. Should I try and find a plugin for this? Editing the files doesn’t seem to do the trick for me? Thanks,


  9. I found a solution. I inserted in category.php

  10. I found a solution. I entered: in category.php

  11. Sayontan: You rock! Love this site. I strongly suggest you put a direct link on the Theme Page — if it was there I failed to find it. This blog would have saved me days of stupid mistakes. Many thanks again. Olin

    • Thanks, Olin. You can actually subscribe to the feed for the site. I post tips quite often about how to tweak various aspects of the theme.

  12. I’m using suffusion to rebuild my blog and I just wanted to tell you that your theme rocks!

  13. How do I get WP-PostViews to work correctly? I have activated the plugin, but I don’t see view counts on any post/pages…

  14. Hello Sayontan, first of all thank you so much for your great theme and all your plugins. You have produced one of the best free themes on the market.

    I would like to let you know that the plugin Exec-PHP you mention above has not been updated in over 2 years now. There have been many reports on the plugins support page of issues people are having with the plugin.

    Perhaps you might not want to promote this plugin anymore due to the fact that people are having problems with it and it has not been updated in a long time.

    Thank you kindly

    • I took a look at the plugin’s URL on WP, and while I agree it is old, I am not really seeing any problematic issues. Most reported issues seem to be due to incorrect user expectations.

  15. I can’t get my suffusion website to play nice with “facebook” share work. It shares the text, but not the photos. Any suggestions?’

  16. Hi
    Is there any easy way to integrate WooComerce with your great Suffusion Theme?
    Thank you

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