Suffusion Version 3.4.7

Note: If you are upgrading from a version prior to 3.4.5, please read this.

Version 3.4.7 of Suffusion was submitted last night, and I wonder why it hasn’t been approved yet. Anyway, it has been 2 weeks since my last update, and I don’t know when I will be publishing my next update – I will be vacationing in Las Vegas and Grand Canyon starting Friday. So once again I am posting the release notice before the approval of the theme. Here are the changes:

  1. A Pseudo-Bug Fix:
    One of the biggest irritants of the last release was an incompatibility that a certain database encoding had with Suffusion. This was an extremely weird problem, where on the screen for Suffusion Theme Options → Visual Effects → Sidebars and Widget Areas if you had an “Up Arrow” (↑) or a “Down Arrow” (↓) saving the options would end up corrupting the options array and all your options would be reset. This was a sporadic problem, but enough to cause me serious concern. I did a lot of investigation, including posting on the official WP forum, but essentially drew a blank. I eventually cut the Gordian Knot by changing my default options to exclude the arrows. Now it works fine.
  2. Real Bug Fixes:
    I fixed a bug in the author template that was causing posts to repeat if the display type in Suffusion Theme Options → Blog Features → Layout: Excerpt / List / Tile / Full was set to “list”. Another bug I fixed was in the “No Sidebars” template, where full width images were getting resized.
  3. Speed Improvements:
    I have added the capability to use the Google CDN version of JavaScript instead of WordPress’ version. This will ensure that people who have the CDN JQuery scripts loaded in their cache (due to visits to other sites) get those files, thereby reducing the load time at least the first time they visit your page. I would recommend setting this option to use the CDN version in Suffusion Theme Options → Blog Features → Custom Includes → Custom JavaScript. Note that the CDN version of JQuery is newer than the WP version, so you might have conflicts with plugins that rely specifically on the older versions of JQuery, though this will be a rarity.
    Another enhancement I made was to the Suffusion Theme Options → Blog Features → Featured Content → How to Show  section, where I provided an option to include a “Lite” version of JQuery Cycle. This is just 3.6KB as opposed to the 29KB that the full version takes, so if you are willing to compromise on some effects, you should use the “Lite” version. Note that with the “Lite” version the only effect you will get is “Fade In”, and you will not be able to display an index of posts. The “Previous”, “Pause” and “Next” buttons will work, though.
  4. Updated Translations:
    Wim provided the updated Dutch translation file for 3.4.6 and Connie did the same for the Sie version of the German translation. These have been included. My apologies to Vitaly – I forgot to include the updated Russian version.

That’s it for now. Do try out the new version when available. And do forgive any support delays that you might experience over the next week.

11 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.4.7”

  1. My apologies to Vitaly – I forgot to include the updated Russian version.
    Me? [img][/img]

    No. I have latest translation

  2. Hello!

    I really love this theme you made… It is perfect!
    I know we are supposed to talk about the theme itself on the forums, but I have a small question and I don’t think is worth creating a topic there about it.

    Of course, you created this theme for free, and we have to leave Credits. I’d like to know if I can translate those credits on the footer, so they match the blog’s language. Instead of “Suffusion WordPress theme by Sayontan Sinha”, I changed it into “Design: Sayontan Sinha – tema para WordPress Suffusion”, leaving the links.

    As the author, you’re the one who can say if it is ok for me to do it! 🙂
    So, is there any problem?


  3. What is the license for your theme? GPL? Keep on the good work

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  5. Like the upgrades! They’re sweet…. However, I didnt see this post until AFTER I’d updated my site… Have no idea what my previous version was? Can you help? Thanks, Kirk @EASTeam on Twitter

    • Please use the support forum for such queries. There is no easy way to know what your previous version was. If your site looks fine with the upgrade then you probably are alright (i.e. you migrated from a newer version.

  6. When will it be available at WordPress? still gives me 3.4,6,,,

    • I have no control over when it becomes available at WP, if it wasn’t obvious from my post. I had submitted it on Wednesday, but WP took 5 days to approve it and it finally went live today.

  7. Yup, I just picked it up. Well, I guess 5 days is still better than the approval time at the Apple App Store 😉

  8. Me too, it’s pefect and simple to use ! it’s fantastic …

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