Suffusion Version 3.5.7

After the long wait for the previous version, 3.5.7 got approved rather quickly. As stated in my earlier post of today, there was a critical bug in 3.5.6 that had slipped through unnoticed. This is the change summary:

  1. Fixed a critical bug that was causing the “White Screen of Death” issue while posting comments.
  2. Fixed a bug where the “full content” posts feature was not working in the Excerpt, Tile and List layout modes.
  3. Did some minor code cleanup.

18 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.5.7”

  1. After updating the disabled comment message is shown “Kommentare sind derzeit nicht möglich” on pages and comment disabled articles (comments settings and page/posts..) In version 3.5.3 it works fine …
    In version 3.5.3 the header option header customization had the option: Header is outside wrapper, its bakground is as wide as your browser window. Now it is aligned with the main wrapper. So my design “chrashed” …
    Now I use the option Main Navigation Bar setup ->

  2. … show menue items continous list – Can I change the list color from white to another color?

  3. I have JUST developed this site for my client and we are JUST ABOUT to go live with it when I see this update to 3.5.7 is available. In WordPress, if I click Update automatically, I get a warning that I will lose all customization! OMG. Is that the case? I’d lose all the work I’ve done to make this site be what it is within your [wonderful] theme?

    • If your customization involves changing files in the theme (which can be completely done away with, actually), then yes, you will lose your changes.

      • If by files in the theme” you mean the stylesheet styles.css and customization to the details of the header, such as size of it, position of it, etc., then yes, I have made changes. Is that what you mean?
        [Thanks for the speedy reply!]

        • Here is the deal. If you have touched a file like style.css in your case, don’t upgrade right now. Everything else that you have configured from within the options pages under Suffusion Theme Options will remain safe even if you upgrade.

          • OK. I will follow your wisdom here. Thank you.

            While you are listening, I wanted to let you know that the rounded-corners is not working in IE8, just in my Firefox.

            Also, I was hoping the random image option in the header meant a delivery of several images in a slideshow fashion, but it was not. Is there a way to add that functioality into the header?

            Thank you kindly,

          • See here for IE8. For other queries please use the support forum.

  4. I have a problem after updating to 3.5.7 the right sidebar is under the posts in Firefox and chrome but it look normal in Internet Explorer

    • I have the same problem, but I’m using Firefox 4.0 beta 2.

      I don’t know what causes this. I’m running WP 3.01.

      Thx for your hard work with the theme!

      • Please use the support forum for queries – I don’t tackle support here.

        • Okey, will do in the future.

          I had the feeling, that when it was about specific version and stuff related to newly upgrades, this was the place.

  5. This theme is incredible. Thank you so much for putting in the hard work to create it.

  6. hello, this themes is very good … but now i need suffusion 3.5.7 version on my webhosting, new version is some error on my host, could you send a 3.5.7 to my email ? thank you very mcuh ~! I’ll buy you a coofee….

  7. Hi Sayontan , how can I increase fontsize just in the main content column.


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