Sep 102010

Version 3.6.6 of Suffusion was approved today. Here are the major changes in this version:

  1. New Features
    1. Finally a very frequently demanded feature has made its way into the theme. Visit Visual Effects → Theme Skinning. Guess what? You can now skin the Navigation Bars! The navigation bars are way too complex to handle purely by CSS, hence there is a small chance I might have missed something. If so, please report it on the Support Forum.
    2. A few new filters have been added. See point #3 in the previous post: there are new filters for suffusion_filter_template_prefixes and suffusion_filter_template_sidebars. In addition there is a new filter for suffusion_set_title. This will help you control the title on specific pages of your site. For example look at my personal site. The page title is “Eloi and Morlocks” for most pages, yet the home page says “Sayontan Sinha’s home page”.
    3. There is a new template for building an HTML sitemap of your site. There are a lot of configuration options available, which you can check out from Templates → Sitemap.
    4. You can now change the order of entities on your Magazine template. Take a look at Templates → Magazine to see how. I will introduce an ability to order things within excerpts etc in a later release.
    5. You can also position the footer better now – either inside the wrapper or outside. See Visual Effects → Footer Customization for options.
    6. The “Author Information” section (Blog Features → User Profiles) was either visible for both, pages and posts, or invisible for both. I have added the capability to show it for either pages or for posts.
    7. I have also added extra security checks in the back-end by putting in check_admin_referer and check_ajax_referer calls to validate nonce values on options pages. This doesn’t impact users directly, but it adds an extra security layer.
    8. There is a new translation for Traditional Chinese (zh_TW). Thanks to Sh2153!
  2. Bug Fixes
    1. There was a problem with the auto-generated CSS file not being accessible in Multi-site installations or when zipping was switched off. I have fixed this.
    2. There was a problem with the “transparency” feature in Visual Effects → Theme Skinning. Earlier setting a transparency value would make all the included elements translucent. This was because I was using the CSS opacity attribute. I have switched the code to use RGBA instead of opacity and it at least works as expected for compliant browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari). I did try to fix it for IE using filters, but I couldn’t get it to work. I might introduce a hack for IE later. In any case, the functionality was broken in IE earlier as well, so you are not losing out on anything.
  3. Changes
    1. Users will probably love this. The buttons on the options page are not at the bottom any more! And they are not at the top either! After a good bit of thinking I figured out a really smart way to position the buttons in a place that was always accessible, and didn’t require me to change much code. I present to you the new-look buttons:


      You can drag the button window to any other place on your screen, and it always floats in position. So even if you scroll up or down you will see the buttons. I do plan to shorten the lengthy options pages in a release soon. It has been on my agenda for a while now.

    2. Given the number of widget areas and their customization options, I pulled up the Sidebars and Widget Areas option and the Widget Styles option and created a new main menu option called Sidebars and Widgets.
    3. The German translations have been updated for version 3.6.5.

Hope you enjoy this release.

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