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Update: This post has moved to a new location. In this post I highlight the short codes you get with Suffusion, in addition to providing an insight into how you can use short codes in general.

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  1. Nice posting, and instructive. However, could you add a post where you describe where to amend certain elements which occur often, such as where to find the posts on front page, the post in individual pages, the author profiles below posts etc. I have a hard time find where to make amendment by using the short codes above in the theme.


    • Not sure if I understand the meaning of your question. What does a short code have to do with whether the post is on a front page or not? If a short code is in the body of a post, it will show up in either view.

  2. Thanks your your reply. Here is the blogg I am in charge of: simnews.no. When I want to edit the profiles for the authors, which template do I amend, or if I want to change how the front page is amended (e.g. where the “loop” is), in what template do I find this. I have worked alot with your great theme, but I have not found all the templates to amend such as the posts (on frontpage and on single page), the author profiles (on author-pages and single-post-pages, however I have found it on all authors page). An overview of all the templates, and where the most used code are, such as profile, would be very nice.

    • Each question has a different answer. The best place to start looking is the set of theme options under Suffusion → Templates. Each tells you if you want to include something at the top of the page etc. E.g. You can go to Templates → Search and indicate if you want to include a preliminary search information section at the top of your search results. In case of the author template see Templates → Single Author, which actually tells you that the author bio (specified in the Profile section under Users for your blog) and a Gravatar are displayed. Any template that can be customized in terms of content is listed in the Templates section.

      There are some layout customization options that you can find under Blog Features → Layout: Excerpt / List / Tile / Full, which lets you customize different archive views. Again, content cannot be customized here – only the layout.

  3. Hi Sayontan, Is there a way to link the header to the homepage. When I clicked the header wording previously it did this, but having customised the header I can no longer navigate back to the homepage. I thought there may be a shortlink for this?


  4. Does this mean youi can only use shortcodes that come with the theme? I have not been able to get any shortcodes to work on either site I have with this theme.

    • You can use any shortcode that you want with the theme. I have never had any problems with any.

  5. All the examples listed here have the word suffusion as the first word of the code. Is that required to make them work?

    I have 2 sites with this theme and shortcodes do not work on either of them. I have tried over a dozen contact form and photo gallery plug-in shortcodes. Each time it displays the shortcode on the page as if it were text.

    In the forums several folks mentioned conflicts with other plug-ins causing the problem, but one of these sites has no other plug-ins installed. I have tried putting it in both the editor and the code sections with no success.

    • All the examples listed here have the word suffusion as the first word of the code. Is that required to make them work?

      Yes. That way you know that you will not have a conflicting short-code.

      I can guarantee that the short-codes work fine. As you can see, they work fine in the above article, and there are thousands of users who make use of the “Ad Hoc widgets” short-code. If things are not working on your site(s) there could be several reasons. Unfortunately without a URL it is impossible for me to say what’s on with your site.

  6. Sayontan, You are quite brilliant. I am hoping you can help me. I removed the short codes from the widget.php section. I received a 500 error. I have been able to get back into my site. Is there any way to recover the original code? Please say YES!

    • I am sorry, but I wasn’t able to understand your question. Suffusion doesn’t come with any file called widget.php, and none of the widgets has any short-code in it. Can you please provide some more details?

  7. Hi,
    I used the multicolumn shortcode. Only my three columns aren’t top aligned.
    In the second column my text starts 1 line below the text of the 1st column, and in the 3rd column it is 1 line beneath the 1st line of the 2nd column.
    How can I fix that?

    • While using the shortcode don’t put it in new lines. Put it in a continuous line.

  8. Thank you for your quick reply.
    I did put the whole code in one line and it looks even uglier now :-)…

  9. OK, I fixed it using another way of coding.
    Thanks anyway…

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