Phasing Out Old WordPress Version Support

As the WordPress theme review process gets really strict about what WP functions are permissible in themes and what are not, it becomes more and more difficult for theme developers to support older versions of WordPress. Most developers have already taken the step to stop supporting anything older than version 3.0. I have always been […]

100 Ratings for Suffusion – Hurray!!!

Earlier today Suffusion obtained its 100th rating on This puts it it rather exclusive company – it is now the 5th theme to obtain this distinction. The four others to have reached this landmark before me are: Atahualpa – Really the inspiration behind Suffusion and in my opinion the gold-standard of theme customization, Atahualpa […]

Suffusion Version 3.5.4

I submitted version 3.5.4 on Sunday, before flying out to the UK. I see that WordPress has still not approved it, so I await the release patiently. This was a big release in terms of the number of fixes and enhancements, so without much ado here is the list: Optimization I did some optimization on […]

WordPress Version 3.0 is Out

After months of waiting and after a series of Beta versions and Release Candidates WP 3.0 finally came out today. I encourage all of you to upgrade your installations. Why Should You Upgrade? Version 3.0 is a significant release that has a lot of terrific features. Here are some: Menus This is arguably the most […]

Suffusion Version 3.5.1

I submitted version 3.5.1 about a couple of hours back today, which is a pity because I believe I missed the bus for it being approved today, which is an even bigger pity since it will probably not be approved before Tuesday (1st June). Sad, because it has one HUGE feature. BuddyPress Compatibility After quite […]