Suffusion is Now an Official Featured Theme at!

The theme reviewers at WordPress revamped the official list of featured themes earlier this morning … and listed Suffusion as a featured theme! Note that “popular themes” are determined by the number of downloads that users make and the “featured themes” are listed based on a set of more subjective criteria. Till yesterday the list of featured themes was quite old and had themes that hadn’t seen any updates since ages, but the new refresh has ensured that obsolete themes are no longer a part of the list.

Where Have I Been?

For the past week or so I have been extra-busy with my move. Now that I have moved to a new city, I have new challenges, like finding a place to live, a school for my son etc. As a result my responses on the support forum will be slow for the next couple of weeks as well. Please take this into consideration when you post asking for help.

I have also had a lot of difficulty setting up my new development machine, with Firefox absolutely refusing to install the Adobe Flash plugin, rendering it more or less useless. All in all, the theme development has slowed down significantly too. That being said, before the hiatus I had made some significant changes, mostly beneath the hood. One of these changes involved completely replacing TimThumb with native WP functionality, and another was to start replacing the existing options framework with WP’s native Settings API. Both these changes are far reaching and very high impact, as a result I want to be very sure of their correctness before I make them available. It is here that I have to seek your help in beta testing. Please let me know if you would be willing to help out in this process. You can do so by commenting to this post, and I will respond to you via email when I am ready to distribute a beta version, provided, of course, that you leave a valid email id!


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  1. Congratulations!

    Sayontain, as I am not so often in the forum because I am eaten up by another project which must be finished before Christmas, I will offer to betatest the new version locally and with some of my blogs, ok?

    I whish you a good start!

    Chees, Connie

    • Thanks Connie! I will keep you posted about this. Right now there are some rather critical issues with the code that I am trying to resolve.

  2. Just dropping by to say congratulations on the achievement. I’ll offer to Beta test, but I’m not sure what I can bring to the table just yet as I’m only really just starting to figure out what WP offers under the hood. I do have a private web server to break things on though 😉

    All the best over the Xmas season!

    • Thanks, Rob.
      Beta-testing should be straightforward, hopefully. All you need to be able to do is to take an export of your current blog as an XML (WP has tools for that), then import it into your new installation (again, WP has tools for that). Let me clean the rust out from the code, though.

  3. Congratulations. Also, congratulations to the end of the move to a new residence.

    My knowledge of wordpress are small, but if my help is useful, I am ready to help.

    • Thanks, Igor. Helping out should hopefully be easy. Let me first get the current development bugs fixed, and I will let you know after that.

  4. Sayontan, at last the powers that be have recognized what you have created, a great theme for all types of sites. I am more than happy to help with some Beta testing if you still need some more.

  5. Sayontan,

    Good luck with settling in to your new surroundings. I have moved countries three times, so understand a little of what you are going through, but trust that you will settle soon enough.
    When you have, and you get back to Suffusion,..

    I would be more than willing to assist in the beta-testing, I have a number of development sites that would make ideal candidates for your testing project, and time at my disposal to assist, so let me know if you need anything when the time comes.

    Regards from Spain

  6. I love your theme, it has so radically altered my site and what I can now do! Happy to help beta test for you, keep me posted!

  7. I am the early bird to pick your theme from featured list. Its an amazing theme and its so simple to use.
    I like its simplicity and features embedded.

    I would like to contribute to it but let me see how can i do it.

    thanks again for a wonderful theme

  8. Congrats….
    I just love this theme. I’m proud user of it…. n i would like to share how many ppl have loved the look of it.

    I just love the simplicity it has… and the power behind it…


  9. Suffusion is hands down the best theme out there, paid or free. I’m glad WordPress recognized this too.

    Thanks for all your work, Sayontan.

  10. Thanks for the awesome theme, I mention your Theme/Site in one of my recent posts @

  11. Congratulations, Sayontan — are you aware that you’re at the top of the list of most popular / featured themes at I use Suffusion on several sites and I just went to to do a search for Suffusion so I could copy some info for a post on LinkedIn, and I didn’t need to search, because you’re #1!

    I knew you were on the list, but don’t know how long you’ve been #1, so just wanted to congratulate you on that.

    • Thanks, though I will be quick to point out that those numbers are highly deceptive. They just represent which theme has been downloaded the maximum number of times in the last 7 days.

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