Suffusion Version 3.7.3

Version 3.7.3 is another security patch that was released yesterday. The following are the changes:

  1. Apparently there was a problem with my checked in code in 3.7.2, so the site optimization check for CSS files didn’t go through correctly. This has now been corrected.
  2. I fixed a problem where the edit link for pages was not clickable.

You are strongly encouraged to do this upgrade.

31 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.7.3”

  1. I updated just a few minutes ago.

    There were no problems during the update, great work!

    • Cool. Good to know. I wasn’t expecting any bugs, mind you, because the changes were just a few lines each.

      • I’m looking forward for version 3.7.4 🙂

        You are simply great 🙂

  2. Not sure why, but the rss feed on my Google home page did not update this at all (and normally it shows up right away). It might be a Google thing because the RSS feed for my own site hasn’t updated in a while.

  3. Ah, ok. I thought I saw the time was like 8am or something, lol. My mistake 🙂

  4. Wanted to also add the auto update worked as well 🙂

  5. Hey Sayontan, your theme is great! Thanks for this. I am so late to post few bugs and they are fixed now, good 😉

  6. The folowing sites have been successfully upgraded.

    Costa Blanca Casa Rural
    Costa Blanca Holidays
    Culture Spain
    Davide Zinelli
    Ditoro Game Lodge
    Football Spain
    Gandia Casa Rural ES
    Gandia Tourist Info Blog
    Host Spain
    Photo Blog
    Spain Bargain Properties
    Spain Travel
    Villa Florencia ES
    Villa Florencia Belgium
    Villa Florencia Villa Rental

    Thanks for the ongoing support.
    I hope you are going to give your web-masters some time-off over Christmas 🙂

    • Thanks, Mark. The next version has some MAJOR redesign, so I am trying to be very careful in how I do it.

      • MAJOR redesign and changes ?? I hope you are NOT planning to die or something… 🙂 I hate to thing who will make the next updates in case you do… 🙂

  7. upgraded succesfully and worked great, no issues with my child theme. thanks.

  8. Hi Sayontan, please check your email, Spanish translation to the latest version of the theme, I have sent long ago, and does not appear anywhere.


    • Memori@,
      Sorry for not responding to your email etc. I recently changed the translation model in Suffusion. So updated translation files will no longer be present in the theme. You can download them from the linked translations page. The Spanish translation was up to date even before your emails.


      • How can I collaborate with the translation? I’ve never done anything like that, but I’m a volunteer.

        message original:
        De que forma posso colaborar, com a tradução? Eu nunca fiz algo assim, mas sou voluntário.


  9. Sayonton – Thanks for your hard work. From a non-tech point of view you should be the bench mark for how themes and plug-ins are supported by their originator.

  10. Whether suffusion 3.7.3 work with wordpress 3.0.3 with Network enabled and buddypress? it work very well with wordpress 3.0.3 as a standalone blog, but after i enable the Network(MU) funciton, the buddypress menu cannot work anymore.

  11. With this last update, the commentluv plugin doesn’t work well.
    When I have commentluv activated, my sidebar boxes titles does look different and the wibiya toolbar doesn’t appear.

    I already tried many things. With other theme template, everything works ok.

    Can you help me please? I need to use commentluv and wibiya toolbar.

  12. Hello! I went to upgrade and noticed that they have created duplicate folders of Theme. Even deleting one, updates the previous item, were not forgotten. I have reinstalled the theme and it got worse: had duplicate folders. I recommend caution, when migrating or upgrading the theme. Make sure there is only one folder “suffusion”in “wp-contents”. I continue to praise the “suffusion”is the best theme that already edited, using wordpress. I promise to give you a coffee, Sayontan!!
    Olá! Fui fazer um upgrade e percebi que criaram-se pastas duplicadas do Tema. Mesmo apagando uma, as atualizações do tema anterior, não foram esquecidas. Reinstalei o tema e piorou: haviam pastas duplicadas. Recomendo ter cuidados especiais, quando for migrar o tema ou fazer upgrade. Verifique se existe apenas uma pasta “suffusion” em “wp-contents”. Continuo elogiar o “Suffusion”, é o melhor tema que ja editei, usando o wordpress. Prometo dar-lhe um café, Sayontan!!!!

  13. hello suffusion world i am new to blog in website building all together in im looking for some one to help me tweak my site

  14. Dear Sayontan,
    it’s Cesca here. I’ve got a problem, I’m working at a site for a project, but they want the theme you can see in the url I’ve put in my comment details. I’d like to work with your theme instead, because as you know, we use it for all our sites. My question is: can I apply the css skin used there on Suffusion theme? A sort of customization, I mean, with that css? The theme they want has nothing but the graphic they like!
    I hope you can help me again. Of course even for 2011, we will make you our donation for the precious theme you realized and your important help in customizing it!
    Tnx Cesca

    • I don’t see an issue. As far as I can see, both themes are distributed from and are hence GPL. You can take one and mix it with another without any issues. It might be as simple as simply using the background of the other skin as an option within Suffusion.

  15. Hello Sayontan
    I updated and ran into a little snag. Before the update I had the cycling content at the top and four of my latests posts below. After the update I only have the cycling content.

    How/where do I find the setting to add some posts to the front page?


  16. Can you add footer widgets, like 3, 4 columns where we can add widgets ?

  17. Hi, I’m trying to add a Google Adsense Custom Search to a page… I’m pasting the code in the html tab of a page but it’s no working! Can you help me please?

  18. This version also works with the new WordPress 3.0.5.
    I updated a few minutes ago and can see no problems.

  19. i love suffusion,thank you!but i have two question:
    1.when i used the featured content,i’d like to set the size of the featured image as Custom size defined,but it didn’t work!
    2.when i choose Display excerpt in Layout Settings for the Front Page,General Excerpt settings and the Thumbnail settings didn’t work such as i choose Use TimThumb ‘Zoom Crop’

    ps:my blog is a chinese blog
    thank you

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