Suffusion Version 3.7.4 Update 3: Beta Release 2 Available

Folks, thanks to all of you who gave Beta 1 a shot. Particular thanks to Marcel Bokhorst, Colin Spencer and 80486er for all your critical bug reports.

Since Beta 1 didn’t throw up too many alarms, I am releasing Beta 2. Please download the file and follow the same instructions as in Beta 1. There are a few changes between the two Betas:

  1. Bugs reported in Beta 1 have been fixed.
  2. I have gotten rid of the option to save an entire section because of potential conflicts with Suhosin. In other words, in Beta 1 you had the extra ability to save “Theme Skinning”, which would save options on all screens of the theme skinning section.
  3. I introduced an option to force compatibility mode view for IE8. This is to assuage the concerns of folks who have been using Suffusion with plugins like NextGEN and have been facing gallery rendering issues.

If this release goes without too many issues I should be able to submit a formal release during the weekend and return life to normalcy!

Cheers, and do let me know of bugs that you encounter.

14 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.7.4 Update 3: Beta Release 2 Available”

  1. Do you think Beta 2 is good enough to be used in a productive installation? I tested it on a local installation (same Plugins and Settings like on my production system) and want to upgrade now, but I’m still a bit “scared” 🙂

  2. Unfortunately there still seems to be a problem with Release 3 and NextGen Gallery and IE8, it hasn’t forced compatibility mode on my IE8. IE7, Opera, Safari and Firefox all fine.

  3. Found another gotcha in IE8 any menu item that has the two little grey drop down indicators on it, the text is about 5 pixels lower than the menu nitems without the drop downs. This is only in IE8. (B…. Microsoft).

  4. Also IE8 for me is not forcing compatibility mode on I had to set it manually.

  5. You have an email with a screen shot about the menu line up that I am seeing in IE8

  6. I noticed the compression options are removed in the beta version. I understand the reason, but maybe there should be an explicit notice in the final release. My hosting provider has a fixed bandwidth limit and without compression I will exceed it. So either I have to pay more or my site goes offline. I am going to install a plugin for this now, but maybe others should be warned for this potential problem.

    • The release notes that I publish will cover it. Apart from that I cannot think of another way to let people know.

  7. […] 3.7.7 was awful. Just awful. As the saying goes, The road to hell is paved with good intentions. In Beta 2 I tried to put in a tweak related to Suhosin, so I split the options into multiple forms and […]

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