Inviting Your Opinions for Photo Blogging Support

And so I have finally decided to take the plunge. Actually it was more of a push rather than a voluntary plunge, when my brother asked me to take a look at his photo blog and help him fix a plugin that he wanted to use. That is when I realized that building photo blogging functionality is not as difficult as it seems, because Suffusion already has a lot of the pieces in place. And in minutes I had built a “Mosaic layout”, just like the Excerpts, Tiles and List layouts.

I have been looking around a bit and I figured this would be a good starting set to provide for basic photo-blogging. Feel free to pitch in with your suggestions:

  1. Support for YAPB:
    Johannes Jarolim’s plugin is by far the most popular photo-blogging solution, hence this becomes a shoe-in for photo-blogging support.
  2. Other types of images:
    Let’s face it – the last time YAPB got an update was in December 2009, more than a year back. If you were to switch on WP_DEBUG on your site you would get catastrophic failures with YAPB (so would you with a lot of plugins, but that is besides the point). Since then WP has evolved significantly and so has our thinking of how to deal with images and other content. So additionally, the following types of images should also be handled in photo-blogs:
    1. Embedded URLs: The oldest way to embed an image in any HTML content – WP or otherwise. Suffusion does detect embedded URLs for the purpose of thumbnail generation, so if your post simply has an image URL, it will be picked up for display.
    2. Attachments: The oldest way to associate an image with a post in WP, this is also the way to build a gallery within your post.
    3. WP 3.0 Featured Images: This really elevates one image to a featured status in your post, so if you have a blog where you have a featured image associated with a post, that image will be the key image in your post.
    4. Image Custom Post Format: This is the new kid on the block. WP 3.1 introduced something called “Custom Post Formats”, which you might have seen in your admin panels as something that shows up on the right side of your post when you are editing one. Currently Suffusion just lists the post formats, but does nothing special with them. I am planning to dovetail support for the Image and Gallery Custom Post Formats with the photo-blogging features.

    All the above (except the custom post format) has existed in Suffusion for about a year now. The point of listing it here is to tell you that if you have a blog that follows one of the above patterns and you are looking to make it look like a photo-blog, Suffusion will have you covered.

  3. New Widgets:
    I have already finished developing a widget for Flickr. One more for Picasa is on its way. You will be able to either display a Flickr photo stream or a Picasa web album in these widgets.
  4. New Short Codes:
    Along with the Flickr widget I also built a Flickr short code which you will be able to insert into your post to display a Flickr photo stream. A similar one will be built for Picasa.
  5. New Mosaic Layout:
    This is where the image types in point #2 come in handy. Strictly speaking, though, this is just a listing of one thumbnail per post for each post in a category / tag / date archive etc, very similar to the tiled layout. The only difference is that you don’t see the excerpt – just the thumbnail is shown and you get a very minimalist design. One thing to note here is that whatever be the kind of image you have have in your post (YAPB or anything listed in point #2), it will be displayed in the thumbnail.
  6. EXIF display:
    I already have code for this, which you can use if you are looking at an image attachment.
  7. Multiple Sizes:
    Justin Tadlock provided a rather simple way to display all sizes an image is available in. I have already adapted that for Suffusion, so in the photo-blogging release you should be able to see all the sizes for a given image.
  8. Navigation:
    This is one area where I am undecided. Suffusion comes with a capability to navigate to the previous and next post, but users of photo-blogs like to show arrows on/beside their images for navigation. Here are some general thoughts (most of them contributed by my brother):
    1. Overlaid arrows are a bad idea because of touch devices (where you cannot hover).
    2. Pressing the keys for the right and left arrows should help you navigate right and left. These can be mapped to swipes on touch-screen phones.
    3. Of course, I could display arrows on either side of the image – that would do as well.
  9. Galleries:
    This is another area where I don’t really know what to do. For sure, you will be able to view multiple galleries in a post, but what are good things to add here?
    1. One thumbnail for the gallery, which can be clicked to launch a slideshow?
    2. All galleries listed out with their thumbnails? Mind you, the Flickr short code (and soon the Picasa short code) will do this.
    3. Lightbox/Thickbox/Fancybox integration? Note that you cannot really bundle a Flickr/Picasa gallery with any of these scripts, because of the Terms of Use of Flickr/Picasa. Also, I am not really decided on which one I will offer. Though I like Lightbox that needs, and since Suffusion already loads JQuery, it would be a drag to load another JS library, not to mention opening Pandora’s box in terms of compatibility issues. I would have gone for Thickbox, but that seems a bit slow. For now I am leaning towards Fancybox, though I am undecided.

So that’s that. Do feel free to provide your suggestions here. Also let me know of things such as:

  1. Do you want to have the post title displayed in the photo posts?
  2. Do you want to have the post title displayed in gallery posts?
  3. Do you want me to investigate / look at any specific layout?
  4. What kind of information would you like to see upon hovering on the thumbnails in the mosaic layout? Would the post title suffice?

I guess I have mentioned this before: photo-blogging is essentially the next major chapter in the development of Suffusion, and I believe with a little bit of polish this theme can then be called premium-ready (no, I am not going to make it a paid theme – that has never been my intention). After that I will have no major updates and will focus on a few decent skins. And then Suffusion can be called a closed chapter :-).

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  1. I would like to see the shutter effect that NextGen has incorporated into the Suffusion photo blog support, i also think Fancybox is a good idea. Whatever you choose i would prefer it can be optimized so that the load on the website is minimal. Perhaps Galleria would be good too.

    On my site i have full HD 1920×1080 movie screencaps and mini reviews and it would be nice to have the option to put these screencaps in a scrolling gallery that when clicked opens up to the full 1920×1080 image with the site in the background and also without cropping of the sides or top, it would be great to also be able to include some information about each image by clicking something on the image, rather than it displaying automatically when the image is clicked, this could be for thumbnails or the large sized image.

    Whatever you choose it would be good to be able to switch it on and off for individual posts rather than have all posts use it and if it could be Nextgen compatible and not interfere with that plugin then all the better.

    • Thanks for your inputs.
      Given that NextGEN is not a plugin I like, I am not really sure what the Shutter effect is. My emphasis in general would be to focus on the layout itself and delegate most of the fancy stuff to plugins. Some things are strictly out of question, like Flash. I am not anti-Flash, but I believe the reliance on Flash to render static content on your page is criminal. Another thing that is a strict no-no is the inclusion of another JS library like or Mootools, when the theme is already making use of JQuery as I have written above.

  2. I would also like the option for people to zoom in and examine in detail an image, mouseover features where you can easily compare two images but perhaps using Microsofts Silverlight engine would be great also.

    An Ajax zoom only better than the above link would be great too.

  3. I would love to have a function like in iPhoto Events or Faces (and that Apple included in iWeb) that uses a single thumbnail to represent a gallery.

    When you hover over the thumbnail and move the mouse back and forth you scan through thumbnails of the entire gallery, making it obvious this single image represents a set of images. Clicking on the thumbnail opens the gallery/slideshow.

    This would enable me to present multiple photo albums/galleries on a single page/post. Titles associated with the gallery thumbnail could make it clear that a gallery lies behind the single image.

  4. There is a nice random mosaic effect on the front page of a theme I used: see

    Have also used NextGen, and found the interface good and intuitive enough for clients to add galleries & title their photos.

    I use FancyBox, which has the least errors (in my experience). There is another similar one, which also allows for Video and other media lightbox functions… I have seen it used sometimes.

    Thanks for the continuing development.

    • Peter,
      Thanks for your feedback.

      That kind of a mosaic layout is tough and definitely not in scope for the first release. In particular it will involve rewriting some fundamental styles, and given what happened in 3.7.7 I would give this a pretty wide berth.

      I personally don’t like NextGEN, and the focus of the photo-blogging features is not to to make it easier to add photos etc, but to present nicer ways to lay them out.

      I am feeling inclined towards FancyBox myself, but let’s see. At the end of the day it might be easier for me to simply use the JQuery Cycle script that I use for Featured Content – I only scratch the surface in the featured content settings; the script can do infinitely more.

  5. Hi! I really appreciate not only your theme but also the effort to keep it updated and improved!

    Well, I manage a couple of WP multisites where users has his own blogs. One dedicated to photography and another for travel. At first I will wait to look how this finish but probably will useful for me. Just to say that our photos are hosted in another sever run by Coppermine. So the first I’ll need will be some integration with this script.

    I have no previous experience with photoblog so have no opinion about the information to show. While I use to have my photos georreferenced and put a link to show it positioned in a map. You can see it an example here (the links under photos). And would appreciate the ability to put some link to maps automatically. Now I use a Linux shell script to read it from exif and create link.

    Probably off-topic here, but in most cases our post are not just one single photo like in photoblog, but series. And the feature we really like to have was some visual interface to help to publish photos in posts.

    There was time ago one WP plugin for this that shows the thumbnails of a gallery/album at WP when you were publishing an entry, and you can click at thumbs and then photos were included in post instead to go to the gallery to copy photo’s url for each one. But this was discontinued long time ago and seems not to be finished. As it’s free software you can find and download it from here:

    I think this is probably out of your intentions now. Then no problem, but if you may be interested now or later, let me know.


    • Thanks for your feedback. Most of the features you have listed fall into plugin territory, though. The one thing I can consider is pulling images from another platform that you have (like Coppermine). Most of the modern standalone photo-blogging software publishes data in the MediaRSS format. If I could simply write something that picks up the MediaRSS feed and creates a slide show/gallery based on that, that will kill several birds with one stone.

  6. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with here as this area is one that interests me.

    One of the failings IMHO of NextGen is in comments. If you display a gallery on a page any comments that are made only refer to the gallery and not the image whereas I think that they should refer to the image. If you could do something in this area that would be good.

    The problem I have is deciding what should be in the theme and what should be in a plug-in. So the following things that I would like are not necessarily all suitable, I’ll leave that for you to decide:

    1: Easy uploading of multiple images by any appropriately authorised logged in user
    2: Display all photos from a given folder on the webserver not just from Picasa and Flickr
    3: Default template for photoblog to be no sidebars
    4: Retain photo name for display don’t add underscores or hyphens etc to the name
    5: Use the name of the photo as it’s title by default without the file extension Bu allow overide to an alternative title
    6: I like the Smooth Gallery layout which is an addon to NextGen so something similar would be great
    7: EXIF data display off by default
    8: Use the IPTC tags if an image has them for generating image categories

    That’s my initial thoughts. I am sure I will have more later. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    Will this be a separate theme or something that you will incorporate into Suffusion?

    • Thanks Colin.
      The implementation will be a part of core Suffusion, but activated only if you pick a photo-layout feature. That is how most of Suffusion works. E.g. the JS file for featured content doesn’t get loaded unless you are viewing a page with featured content.

      I think showing comments for individual images in a gallery is not difficult. Most of the other questions that you have requested are better served by plugins (e.g. uploading images, photo file name changes IPTC tags etc). Some can be done, though (EXIF behavior, for example, is currently set to be off by default)

  7. Hi Sayontan,

    I’m excited to read that you’re thinking about a photoblog since I’ve been reading about this intention for a while. I run a photoblog based on Suffusion ( and have a few suggestions.
    My immediate comment is about the YAPB plug-in. As my blog grew, I tried to change the format from having all full contents on the posts page to having one full one and the others be tiles. The thumbnails did not work with all combinations that I tried, and Connie was kind enough to pitch in but still no solution.
    The images show up as full size outside of tiles, the thumbnail area is empty. Also, I noticed that the title text on the tile is extremely small. So I was regretting maybe having installed the plug-in because I can’t change the page.
    Suffusion is a great flexible theme, and as a professional photographer, I’d love the opportunity to see what you develop with the photoblog and help any way I can.
    I’ve looked at hundreds of themes for a blog /portfolio / website and the final two that I’ve narrowed it down to were Photocrati and the ones from Graph Paper Press. Photocrati seems the simpler and cleaner of the two, and GPP has more options up front.
    As you develop the photoblog, it would be great also if with a few custom tweaks, it could turn into a full portfolio website with the blog built-in.



    • Al,
      The reason YAPB doesn’t work currently with Suffusion is that the plugin needs some changes to be made to the theme you are using. Most non-coders would find that to be an issue. One of the first things I did in the upcoming release is to make sure that those changes were incorporated into the theme.

      Thanks for the references to the two sites above – I have a fair idea of what I can accomplish, now.

  8. Please do not use any MS silverlight, flash or other non-opensource requirements.
    Flickr , smugmug, picasa integration would be exellent.

    Picture title and som room for a few lines of text. But, do not allow for to much txt, let the pictures be the main focus.

    My main suggestion is: YOU make an alpha version with the things you want to put in, then we can test and say what we think should be in the theme.

    BTW: when do you plan to release your flickr widget for suffusion?

    • Thanks JanRoar.
      The mosaic layout will not really show text. The title will be displayed upon hovering, but that’s it.

      I don’t believe I will do an alpha/beta, because I am not in favor of getting feature requests via testing. I am fairly confident in the basic functionality that I would like to provide and this code is not very difficult to develop and neither does it interfere with core theme functionality, so I might release it directly.

  9. Leave it to you to go and fix the quirks I’ve been having with WordPress – namely being photos!
    I run a website where I post an excessive amount of photos due to my travels around the world via a bicycle – I currently use 3 or 4 plugins to accomplish what I am doing, yet there is still no proper way to display galleries..

    Here’s a list of things that might be useful.

    1) Flickr with their TOS DOES allow you to use Lightbox/Thickbox providing you give a link back to Flickr (ie View this image on Flickr)
    2) Geolocation of images with the info stored in the Exif tags would be wonderful, there is a plugin named Flickr Foto Info which does something along the lines, but mangles Thickbox entirely. Other than that the idea is right on.
    3) Support for tags, perhaps even a tag cloud (with the option to not display certain tags like “geotagged, and others).
    4) AJAX page loading of new images rather than a reload on the screen
    5) The Big one – No one so far has been able to pull off a proper gallery that supports Collections. Flickr Gallery is the closest so far that “lists” the Collections but provides a link back to Flickr to display the images. Most systems simply take a list of all your sets and throw them up on the screen which for some of us who have multiple sets it creates an awful usability experience. Of course Collections can be nested many levels deep and this could prove to be a coding challenge, but even 1 layer of nesting collections would be ideal.
    6) Choice of ‘boxes’ would be wonderful, there are some of us who still prefer Thickbox
    7) Local caching of image thumbnails would be fantastic, not to mention nice on the Flickr servers.
    8 ) Tiling of the thumbnails with a limit of how many columns per row
    9) Ability to Randomize the results
    10) 640px Medium Support
    11) Write post addin to select photos

    Phew! I’d love to be a tester of your solution if it makes it to light.

  10. I have so many photos that using a plug-in only works for a small subset of images for me. What I have been using for several years is yappa-ng. Sadly, it has not been updated in years, but it works and only needs a folder of images to get going. It might be worth looking at incorporating some of the features of yappa-ng into whatever you decide to take on. I will watch for your updates and try yours when available.

    Do you want to have the post title displayed in the photo posts? Not always.
    Do you want to have the post title displayed in gallery posts? No.
    Do you want me to investigate / look at any specific layout? See yappa-ng @ my URI.
    What kind of information would you like to see upon hovering on the thumbnails in the mosaic layout? Options for full screen, slideshow, download (if allowed), sharing on social media links (if allowed)
    Would the post title suffice? Sure.

    • Tim,
      Thanks for your inputs.

      I am afraid folder scanning cannot be done. The problem lies in the fact that themes distributed officially through WordPress go through an intensive review process, and scanning directories is more or less banned due to potential security issues. Also note that the purpose of a theme is to handle mostly layout-specific issues, and to that end I will try to ensure that I provide a good set of options. However some things are best left to plugins.

  11. I use this plugin for Zen Cart images.

    I use it with SlimBox which is a lighter version of Lightbox, i’m thinking something like this would be fantastic for WordPress images and Photoblogging sites.

    • Actually Slimbox is a JQuery port for Lightbox, and not necessarily a lighter version. Nonetheless it is a very good suggstion.


  12. Hi! Suffusion is a perfect theme. I have only a little understanding of PHP, i want to dd a piece of code in the ‘Page Navigation’ , but i cann’t find where is it. Thank you for your time.

  13. Finally! – I might say that I feel a lot of relief – thanks to your brother (BTW he has some unique and amazing pictures-congrats!).

    Probably more than a year and a half ago, I mentioned to you about the possibility to be able to incorporate image galleries, albums and/or collections. You proved to everybody that you are a great developer by creating the highly customizable theme that is Suffusion and not to mention the support that you provided for each individual user.

    Now is time for some of us to share some thoughts, ideas and maybe guidance for the photography module of Suffusion. Below are some of mine, based on my personal experience in dealing with huge galleries and albums:
    1-It has to be an HTML based application not Flash. I have to admit that Flash ones look more professional but there is no way that search engines will be able to index the images.
    2-Title and caption of the image to be displayed, and either one (or optional) would be nice to show up in thumbnails view when hovering (answer to question #4 that you addressed).
    3-If the images can be uploaded thru a separate folder (not wp-upload) on the Server via ftp and call-in into the page.
    I’m using Lightroom for managing my Image Library, and years ago I was involved as a Tester for a developer who creates plug-ins for generating HTML pages straight from Lightroom. The actual code is based on Highslide JS which is free for non-commercial – see here –
    The way it works and an actual gallery you can see here –

    I would like to have something that allows me to manage my own image folders and not to make use of Flickr (Picasa) services.

    With kind regards and respects for what you’ve created and developed,


    • Radu,
      Thanks for your inputs. I actually had photo-blogging in my plans as far back as November 2009. It is just that what I stopped to do in the way took a lot more time than I had envisioned. I am glad I took the time though, for Suffusion has gathered several features that are not simply eye-candy.

      Regarding your points:
      #1 – As I myself have stated, Flash and Silverlight are out of question.
      #3 – That will not be a part of the theme. One of the things I have to take care of when I build a theme is to ensure that the reviewers will approve it. This kind of a feature will not make the cut (themes are not supposed to carry out file/folder operations).

  14. Is something like BuddyPress preferred to begin using and to then formulate remarks?

    Or better, is there a beta that you’d like testers for?

    What is the most compatible (currently available) plugin with Suffusion 3.7.8?

    After doing some more reading, I think that I will avoid YAPB for the time being.

    Kind regards,


    • It has been a while since I shut down the Feature Requests section of the forum, and I don’t normally request inputs before designing something. I am stubborn about putting my concept out for others to use, not building something for someone else. That is one of the few rights I exercise being one of the few authors who eschews custom development in all forms. But that being said I have generally been very efficient in assimilating inputs from users into various parts of the theme. After all the concept (aka functionality) is mine, but the usage is done by someone else. This, however, has been one situation where I have little expertise, hence I sought out opinions from informed users, but that being said, the functionality is not a big deal.

      TL;DR: There is no BP forum. And there is no test playground. I have so far done beta tests only once, when there was a massive change of functionality. Photo-blogging is a new concept that is more of an “opt-in”, so there will be no beta-testing.

      However, I did put together something preliminary for users to see. The code hasn’t been updated in the last few days in the sense that I have added Picasa support as well. Basically the core improvement has been to the gallery short-code that WP provides. The native short code simply prints a gallery of images associated with a post. I took that several steps forward, bundling it with Flickr (you can print Collections, Galleries, Photo Sets and Photos in a nested manner) and Picasa (much more restrictive than Flickr due to limitations of its API). The Flickr capabilities are what you will see there. In addition I have already created the blueprint for enhancing the layouts of the vanilla gallery. Mind you, I am aware of simple essentials missing on this page, like a title printed below, but all of those will be addressed when the functionality goes live.

      Now, if you think about it, all I need to do is to throw in a default layout (which, as my post mentions, I have already built) and pretty this up. I have already added content for handling YAPB, but my advice would be to think differently and avoid the aging plugin. WP 2.9 allows you the use of native “featured images”, and 3.1 supports a specific post format called Image. So you can surely do a lot within the auspices of WP itself without using a plugin.

      • okay Sayontan … good. I’ve got plenty on my plate now anyway… and there’s so much more to see!

        Kind regards,


  15. Hi,
    Glad to know that you’re working on a photoblog support in Suffusion

    YAPB photoblogging is a popular solution, but you could also get some ideas on the side of PhotoQ ( ), I have personally tested and has some nice features like the mass import of images and self-publication of articles according to the EXIF ​​date. In fact, I missed just an adaptation to Suffusion PhotoQ, which is called a preset to replace my actual photoblog (powered by Pixelpost), and integer it to my main site powered by WP+Suffusion. This should be made ​​possible thanks to the WP 3.1 post template feature.

  16. A couple of thoughts:

    As mentioned above, a nice Photoblogging plugin solution that is theme-developer friendly is PhotoQ. Great features, easy to implement, active development.

    We have kept our gallery on a heavily customized 4images site. 4images is a fantastic piece of gallery software with all sorts of modules for any customization. Very powerful with professional features like adding a lightbox (favorites, not the overlay), individual commenting, galleries, collections – everything you’d need to run a pro gallery and stock site. Better than any other I have used or tested over a 15 year period of doing this.
    If I could find a way to integrate those features into WP I would do it in a heartbeat.

    However, we are really fond of Lazyest Gallery for WP and Marcel is working on a new version that promises to be just about perfect. He is responsive and active and easy to work with. It was a no-brainer over Nextgen.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with…

  17. Great job with Suffusion!

    Not sure if this feature fits in here or not, but it would be nice if there’s an easy way to display small photos in your posts in a 2 or 3 column layout on the same row. Right now, I have to manually build an html table with multiple columns on every posts that I have small photos I want to insert. I don’t see a column control in the current WYSIWYG HTML editor.


    • If all your images are attached to your post through the Media Upload feature in WP you should be able to display them using WordPress’ “gallery” short-code. Have you tried that?

      • Unfortunately, all of my photos are on flickr.

        On my site, I provide step by step instructions on my posts. sometimes, I have multiple small pictures I’d like to include in a single row, 2 or 3 column format under the steps.

  18. Altough at the back end it uses flash, there is a short code from Cooliris that does a nice integration with Flickr, Picasa and your own media rss feed and build a great 3D photo wall. I know you don’t want to use flash, but this is just to give you an idea. You can put the title and description of the photo (the technical data – EXIF – for example), as well as links.
    Here I used my own media rss:
    And the developer documentation is here:
    Because of the flash, sadly does not work in IPad.

    • Cooliris is a bad choice… why? It does not support all browsers, especially on MAC and Linux-systems. Cooliris is great if you run IE, Safari or Firefox 3 (Linux). If you run other popular browsers on MAC or Linux it won’t work..

      Websites that works only with some OS’es or only using a few “approved” browsers is very bad.

    • I am inclined to agree with Jan Roar on this one. It might be possible to provide these effects with JQuery rather than forcing a browser plugin such as Flash or Silverlight.

      BTW – interesting to see Tagore on your site (I am Bengali – same as Tagore).

      • So now I can say that I know the work of two extraordinary, gifted Bengalis.
        Thank you very much for your amazing theme.
        As for the photoblog, I think you should look one of the most complete album gallery for wordpress:
        Again, it is in flash, but again, it is just to give you good ideas, especially the back end (admin) solution to build galleries. Very easy to use. As for the effects they have several 3D skins. In my site I use them very often.
        Ideally, a photo blog should have:
        1) A good and friendly admin panel to build galleries and insert title and description for each photo;
        2) For professional or advanced amateurs photographers, the option to extract and show selected parts of each photo’s EXIF (the hidden thecnical data);
        3) The option to not automatically resize photos. As resizing is usefull for most people, to keep the original intended size is especially important for photographers. The unintended reduction or enlargement degrades significantly the image. We prefer do this job with professional tools like Photoshop or Lightroom. Its an art after all and we like to have full control of the exhibition.
        Best regards,

        • EXIF is enabled in Suffusion, provided you use the inbuilt attachment functionality (not something like Lightbox/Slimbox/Thickbox/Fancybox). Also I already have built code for the next release that will show all available sizes for an image, including the full size and every alternative size.

  19. Excited about Suffusion getting a photo-blog feature. Love the theme.

    Take a look at this site, it’s UI is really friendly, allows to jump to different tags quite easily along with moving from single image to thumbnails and back. However, this is not in word-press. Thought I will post it here as a sample.

    Thanks again for our outstanding work on Suffusion!

  20. Hello Sayontan,

    First of all a big thanx to you cox I’ve been using your Suffusion theme for my personal site I’m a Mechanical Engineering student and dont have much idea about Webdesigning and programming. However, I am very interest in these things. I’ve been hosting a personal site and a blog page in it where I update my new posts. I want to incude a new page named My Gallery where I can purely post just photos as a photo blogging page. I tried using some plugins but they just mixed up the blog page and the gallery page into one.
    I want to clearly host two different pages in same site: My Blog and My Gallery for two different blogging purpose.

    Can you give me some idea how this could be done? Can your suffusion photoblogging theme do this?


  21. Thanks for Suffusion, will be interesting to see what you are building.

    On my photoblog (see name-link above) I also use YAPB. One thing that does not work with it are the popular posts plugins. So I need to attach the same image (as I already uploaded in YAPB) to the post for it to show up in the archives.

    Don’t forget that for many people like myself photoblogging is about large photos, without too much clutter. That is why I have my comments, exif, story etc all hidden unless you click the links for it.
    Keep the image in mind, that should be the main focus 🙂

    Cheers, Harry

    • Your question is specific to the interaction of two plugins: YAPB and popular posts. That is actually a problem for the authors of those plugins to resolve and there is nothing I can do there: I don’t control the source of either plugin!

      • thanks for your quick reply. I realize that this specific example is out of your scope, but I just mentioned in case you were planning to build in any similar functionality. Apparently YAPB has its own quirks, but I am sure you will encounter these!

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