Announcement About WordPress 3.2

The first Beta version of WP 3.2 is out. Though this is more of an evolutionary release, as the release notes point out, there are some significant things you need to note:

  1. PHP 4.0 will no longer be an option. You need to have at least PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0. This makes me very happy, since I have sometimes been caught napping due to the use of a PHP 5* function causing breakage under PHP 4*.
  2. IE6 support is being killed. This makes me even happier!! Though I have tried to keep Suffusion running under IE6, it has been a struggle, particularly with respect to certain dynamic sidebar arrangements (I know for sure that some of them don’t work). The official killing of IE6 support means that I can kill IE6 support myself and not feel guilty.

The killing of support for older versions of software has a side-effect that makes me rub my hands with evil laughter. The reason? Plugin authors have to pull up their socks. The two main types of extensions to WP, themes and plugins have very contrasting levels of controls. Themes go through a rigorous and regimented approval process, with a battery of tests, standards compliance checks and so on. Periodically the theme review team goes through existing repository themes, then yanks those which have not been updated for eons.

Plugins are at the other end of the spectrum: once you get space assigned to you in the plugin repository you can check in pretty much what you want. The net result is that plugins often follow poor coding practices, use outdated JS and cause royal conflicts with themes. An example is the one I detailed in a prior post, where incorrectly coded plugins tend to include their JS on all admin pages, resulting in the theme’s admin panel (or other plugins’ admin panels) behaving incorrectly.

In addition there are a handful of other changes, including a new default theme, Twenty Eleven. Do feel free to give the beta a shot on your test sites.

A word about version 3.7.9 of Suffusion: I was on vacation last week, so I couldn’t do much. After my return I have closed the loop on some functionality that I was designing. I should have a version out hopefully by the end of this month.

6 Responses to “Announcement About WordPress 3.2”

  1. Couldn’t agree more; PHP4/WP compatibility requirements should have been scrapped long ago.

  2. 1- Does it mean that Suffusion v3.7.9 will be fully compatable with WP v3.2 ? 🙂

    2- How can I get Suffusion v3.7.9 before release date for updating translation ?

    Thanks Sayontan.

    • 1- Does it mean that Suffusion v3.7.9 will be fully compatable with WP v3.2 ?

      Not sure if I understand your question. Which feature are you looking for in terms of compatibility? 3.2 isn’t introducing anything new that I need to add support for.

      2- How can I get Suffusion v3.7.9 before release date for updating translation ?

      Normally translations are contributed after releasing the theme – it is easier for me to manage things that way.

      • 1- I’ve got my answer from your new post (Another Update on WordPress 3.2), sorry for not been more clear.

        2- That’s ok 🙂

  3. Hi Sayontan

    Just wanted to express my thanks for creating such a fabulous theme, and keeping it free!!! (sorry didnt know where else to post this!) I was lucky enough to find your theme when I first started with WordPress last year and thanks to you, managed to create a fantastic (if I can say so myself) website for a non profit organisation which takes care of Cart Horses in Cape Town, South Africa. ( Its actually funny as yours was one of the first themes I downloaded, and being a little OCD, I wanted to see exactly what else was out there. I was incredibly pleased – and astonished- to have found yours as the others are just WAY behind. They werent joking when they described it as power packed full of features!!! I have now decided to create my own website and try my luck so that I can quit my dayjob;) and of course I wouldnt dream of using any other theme but yours. I aim to buy you lots of coffees as soon as my website takes off:) thanks so much!!!!
    Your work is seriously appreciated.

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