Suffusion BuddyPress Pack Version 1.03

I released version 1.03 of Suffusion BuddyPress Pack a while back. This version addresses the following:

  1. I have added support for CubePoints. Note that you will also need CubePoints BuddyPress Integration for this.
  2. I have also added support for BuddyPress 1.5. If you are using 1.5, make sure you “(Re)Build” the templates.
  3. I have been working on some optimization and streamlining of the templates and stylesheets. So, while I have fixed some other bugs like button text being indiscernible from the button, you will not see it until Suffusion 3.8.4 (not 3.8.3) comes out.


One Response to “Suffusion BuddyPress Pack Version 1.03”

  1. Thank you for all your hard work on Suffusion. I really love it and then you keep improving it more. 🙂 I just wanted you to know that for us who can’t afford to buy a quality template right now, we appreciate you and this template very much. Thank you again and keep up the great work! I will definitely buy you a few cups of coffee when I am able. 🙂