Dec 132012

I was hoping version 4.4.4 would go live on 12.12.12, which unfortunately was missed by a day. Here are the updates in this version:

  1. I removed the two shortcodes in the theme that could be classified as “post content” shortcodes – suffusion-widgets and suffusion-multic (along with its companionsuffusion-column). This is thanks to the guideline change from the review team, as mentioned in my previous post.
  2. JQuery 1.8.3 bundled with WP 3.5 was causing a conflict, resulting in problems in featured content display. That has been addressed. Sorry for not catching this prior to the WP 3.5 go-live.

I have also updated the Suffusion Shortcodes plugin to version 1.01. There was a small problem causing clashes with other non-plugin shortcodes in the previous version. This version should work just fine. You will need this version if you were using any of the removed shortcodes from Suffusion itself.

The other plugin updated is Suffusion BuddyPress Pack, which had a typo in one line, resulting in a script not loading.

Nov 282011

I have updated Suffusion BuddyPress Pack to be compatible with the upcoming version of Suffusion (3.9.3). There are no major changes in this version, apart from the fact that you will need it when Suffusion is released.

I did receive some reports of certain bugs in the prior version, but I was unable to replicate them locally. In case the issues persist with this version, please try rebuilding your files with the plugin.

The next version of Suffusion should be out soon. The last few weeks have been insanely busy from a work perspective and now I have some breathing space.

Oct 182011

I have updated the Suffusion BuddyPress Pack to version 1.04. The following changes have been included:

  1. Replaced call to deprecated is_site_admin() function with is_super_admin().
  2. Fixed a minor bug that was causing member lists to show up with a dark background.
  3. Added support for the new Photonique skin in Suffusion.
  4. Some buttons were not appearing for member profiles etc. That has been fixed.
  5. Some general stylesheet changes have been made to make the design look better, e.g. in the registration page.
  6. Some forms were nested several levels of markup deep – this has been fixed.

I have received a few questions regarding bbPress support. Please note that Suffusion does not support bbPress out of the box. If you want to get the two to work together nicely, you have to get down in the trenches and follow two articles: one from bbPress and another from Suffusion (see the “How to Extend” section).

Sep 182011

I released version 1.03 of Suffusion BuddyPress Pack a while back. This version addresses the following:

  1. I have added support for CubePoints. Note that you will also need CubePoints BuddyPress Integration for this.
  2. I have also added support for BuddyPress 1.5. If you are using 1.5, make sure you “(Re)Build” the templates.
  3. I have been working on some optimization and streamlining of the templates and stylesheets. So, while I have fixed some other bugs like button text being indiscernible from the button, you will not see it until Suffusion 3.8.4 (not 3.8.3) comes out.