Suffusion Version 3.9.0

A few people reported issues while trying to work with a few plugins with version 3.8.9 active. I patched the issue in 3.9.0 and submitted it. Luckily it went live very quickly, which is always a good thing.

Note that there are some corner cases with menu displays that don’t show up correctly at this point. I am working on a fix for those at the moment.

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  1. Translated to Brazilian Portuguese! 😉

  2. Enjoying the theme VERY much, awesome effort.

    The update to 3.9.0. broke the site due to a video embedder plugin being active. Now it’s good. I appreciate your hard work!

  3. I just started making this site and I upgraded today. Now my navbar isn’t right. No matter what I do to the top navbar, I can’t get rid of the borders around the items. Even if I go in and set everything to no border, it shows a border. I don’t have any plugins.

  4. I just wanted to say thanks for updating.

    I’m incredibly new to WordPress and I’m playing around with podcasting.

    With version 3.8.9, files weren’t getting linked to the podcast with the enclosure tag, and I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out what I had done wrong.

    I just updated and everything is working like a champ again!

    Thank you!

  5. I seem to be having an issue with this revision too. My top navigation bar has problems. If I set the colour of it to be static using the theme skinner, all seems to work OK, but if I set it to transparent (as it was previously), the colour changes to blue (as per the theme that’s installed). I really need the transparent option to work as there are 2 different colours behind this bar as part of my header (I have moved the navigation bar to be over my header using the custom includes).

    Hope you can help….


    • You can try Custom CSS while I sort this one out.

      • Thanks very much, I’m happy to wait to be honest, this site is “out of production” at the moment but I want it to be re-released quite soon! I’ve just been looking at the sneak preview of the new skin too – looks immense. Looking forward to finding some uses for that! I’ll keep an eye on these comments so that I know when you’ve fixed the issue, glad to see that someone else has the issue (sorry NiX) and that it’s not just my config!

        • Hi,

          Just wondering whether you had managed to find out what the bug was?


  6. I have had problems with title on Search pages for a while now, can’t resolve. Using AIOSEO with rewrite titles, works, but no pagination in title on search pages: Page 2, Page 3, etc.
    So I turn it off, and use the Suffusion “Enable SEO” option – this works fine including pagination in title, but I don’t like the prefix to the title “Search Results” followed by the search term. I just want the search term without the prefix as title. How can I remove it?

    • Please use the support forum for queries such as this.

  7. I just wanna confirm the issue with the Top Navigation Bar suddenly having borders. But I know you’re already working on it, so thanks again for the continued support, Sayontan!

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