Suffusion Version 3.9.2

Version 3.9.2, now available for download, addresses the following:

  1. Fixed an issue with floating the wide sidebar – if not floated, this was causing weird sorts of issues such as un-clickable widgets and the like.
  2. Fixed a drop-caps behaviour, where not selecting anything for drop caps was causing a JQuery error. I have also switched the drop caps off by default.
  3. I have added an option to disable the audio shortcode. This will prevent conflicts with plugins that define the shortcode themselves, and it also serves as the means to prevent the JavaScript file for the Audio Player from loading. You can disable the shortcode from Other Graphical Elements → Post Formats.
  4. I have added even more Google fonts to the list available. Additionally I have put in a check to ensure that the CSS is linked only if there is at least one font required from the list. This cuts down one HTTP call.
  5. I have added options to display the advanced gallery template and to not randomize the thumbnails on the gallery post format. See Other Graphical Elements → Post Formats.

Hope this fixes all reported issues with the previous release. Apart from adding the new fonts I haven’t tweaked much in this version.

12 Responses to “Suffusion Version 3.9.2”

  1. Thank you for the update. It indeed solves the wide side bar problem. Good job.

  2. Awesome! 😀

  3. This cleans up all the little issues I’ve seen recently with two installs.

    Thanks so much!

  4. Awesome – That first bug kept me from the 3.9.0 upgrade… Thank you!

  5. This is great Sayontan. Thanks for an amazing theme. I’ve been using it for about 5 months, and I’ve amazed by its flexibility.

  6. china 我也在用这个主题 蛮好的 就是 w3c测试 不合格 。希望能早日搞定这些bug。

    • There are no problems with W3C testing in the theme. You might want to validate your content – that probably has issues.

  7. Hi Sayontan,

    I really love Suffusion theme and using this theme for my site. A simple yet feature-rich wordpress theme. That’s what I want, awesome WP theme. Thanks for your work!

    – Mike

  8. Hi Sayontan – just to say a wonderful release of a wonderful theme. Skipped a couple of versions, created a child theme and then went from 3.8.3 to this one.

    I am very glad I found your theme, it created a bit of work (this was my first non-trivial wordpress site) but now I really know how to use it.

  9. After the update to this new version I can´t do anything into admin, Out of memory (allocated 29622272) (tried to allocate 311296 bytes) in /homepages/19/d293421442/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/suffusion/admin/theme-options-sidebars-and-widgets.php on line 876. Every attempt to change, add a new entry, change theme. I can´t do anything. But the site see well. HELP.
    Thank you

  10. The upgrade did work after a little bit of tweaking – is there a support outlet to help other people who may have issues? If not – should they just repond to this thread? Just bought you a cup of coffee! Thanks.

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