Photonic Version 1.07

I have released version 1.07 of Photonic. The following are the changes in this version:

  1. I have added SmugMug support to the plugin. You can see some demo pages here. Note that the plugin currently supports unauthenticated calls. Also, you cannot use it for protected albums. In a subsequent release I will be expanding the access further.
  2. There was a request to suppress the file names that were being shown in Picasa in case of a missing title. I have addressed that.

Please let me know what you think.

2 Responses to “Photonic Version 1.07”

  1. I just installed your Photonic plugin into a new Blog run in latest WP.

    I am designing my first blog in WP using their current release.
    (I did not yet update to the version released this weekend.)

    Photonic plugin shows as an added and activated Widget in the dashboard, appears in the correct folder within my server, but does not appear on the Appearance>Widget panel as available to drag into a sidebar in WP’s layout. I am running Thesis 1.8 theme.

    Other plugins do show there, so I am confused.

    Can you email me some advice and solution?

    • I believe you are confusing between a plugin and a widget. Photonic is a plugin that doesn’t add a widget: it enhances the standard gallery shortcode. You can embed your galleries in a text widget to get the full functionality.

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