Photonic Version 1.07 Request

For a change, here is a request from my end. I am in the process of integrating SmugMug with Photonic. To build out the demo page I need permission to use some albums / photos from fine folks using the plugin.

How will this help you? Well, I cannot think of any reason other than free publicity. You can check out the Flickr / Picasa / demo pages of Photonic for sample usage.

How will this not harm you? That is a more pertinent question. Any watermarked photos that you have will remain with the watermarks shown. Plus I am never shy with giving credit where due, so your work will be proclaimed as your work, not mine.

How will this help me? Well, I will have something to demo for SmugMug. That can only be a good thing.

Version 1.07 should be out soon, and as you can guess, it will feature integration with SmugMug. This version will have basic unauthenticated access, which is good enough for viewing albums, photos etc. Subsequent versions might cover authentication as well for all service providers. Authentication will help you see/add comments for photos and will also unlock various APIs for signed in users.

3 Responses to “Photonic Version 1.07 Request”

  1. My website is undergoing initial construction using Suffusion and there is a Photonic slideshow at Namaste

  2. Helo Sayontan,
    First of all thanks a lot for this great theme with Photonic. I have been using Suffusion for some years. I have not used the said plugin, but if you need galleries to use photos, feel free to use the images for any purpose from my Picasa album One more request: please consider bringing out a Journal version of the theme so that WordPress can be used for scholarly journal publishing. Best

    • Tarun,
      Thanks, but I was looking for SmugMug galleries – I already have Picasa samples. I did manage to lay my hands on one and I have added the demo pages for the same.

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