Markup and Hooks Reference for Suffusion

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Often in the rigours of theme development an important aspect gets overlooked: documentation. To remedy this I often publish recipes and encourage users to contribute documentation.

One common request has always been, “What element should I be adding CSS for?” To address this I have put together a Markup and Hook Reference. The markup gives general layout information for various pieces on the Suffusion screen. There also an associated list of action and filter hooks. I will be updating this documentation over the next few weeks to make it more descriptive.

5 Responses to “Markup and Hooks Reference for Suffusion”

  1. This documentation is very helpful.
    Thanks Sayontan
    P.S. I know this isn’t the right place to ask but any plans to make Suffusion into a responsive theme?

    • There are plans, but I haven’t mapped out a timeline yet. 4.0.0 was a massive release and I am trying to take it slow for now, focusing on some plugins etc.

  2. Thanks for this Sayontan. May I suggest a link to it in the forum’s How-To section?

  3. Hi Sayontan,

    Thanks. This post helps me a lot. Cheers!