Photonic Version 1.11

I have released version 1.11 of Photonic. The following are the changes for this release:

  1. I have combined some JavaScript files to save server round-trips.
  2. I have deleted some redundant JS files.
  3. I have also added the capability to use a default gallery type. This way if you decide to use only Flickr photos on your site, you could set your default gallery type to be Flickr and leave out the type parameter in your shortcode invocation.
  4. I have added support for displaying single photos in Flickr. Check out the demo page.

I will be making some more enhancements to this plugin once I sort out how to keep the many balls I am juggling all in the air.

One Response to “Photonic Version 1.11”

  1. Thank you Sayontan, for all of the great work you do and share with us.