Suffusion Version 4.0.7

Version 4.0.7 of Suffusion, released earlier today addresses a minor bug. If featured content was enabled on a tile layout view, and if duplicate display was disabled, the tile layout sometimes got hammered. This version should take care of that.

Do pitch in with your comments about 4.2.0. I am getting ready to push that into the approval queue.

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  1. […] to version 4.0.7. This new version has a few bug fixes. Check out what’s new in this release Suffusion 4.0.7. Latest news, Suffusion has released hopefully the last beta version for Suffusion 4.2.0 Beta […]

  2. i use a static page as frontpage and since i updated to the lasted version when i use the featured content in my frontpage the content disapear and ignores the setings of reading optios showing the post on the staticpage even when i set it to other

    • If you go to Other Graphical Elements → Featured Content, you can set the duplicate posts to be shown. That will fix the issue.

  3. I am using the latest version of your theme. How can remove featured image from the post in Suffusion – 4.0.7? there is a option at Layouts>Layout: Excerpt / List / Tile / Mosaic / Full>Thumbnail settings>Show thumbnails for full content, when I disable it, it also disable form thumbnails for excerpts. Can you help me?
    Thanks a lot for giving me a change to use this fancy theme.

    • Bump
      I’d like to be able to display the featured image when listing posts on an archive page, but not display the featured image when viewing the full content of a post

      • Please post queries in the support forum. This particular query has been answered quite a few times there.

  4. I preview the ver 4.0.7,but display “Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Query::is_main_query() in /usr/local/www/wordpress/wp-content/themes/suffusion407/functions/actions.php on line 1387″, I don’t know what happened” . pls help me

  5. Hi Sayontan, thank you for such an awesome theme, I’ve got problem recently and Really hope that you can help me with it.
    I have two sidebars, Sidebar 1 with Meta and Links and Sidebar 2 with Categories and Archives. On front page, I want to display only Sidebar 1 on the left and on general blog page I want to display only Sidebar 2 one the right. Then I Set Layouts -> Default Sidebar Layout to one sidebar, and Position of Sidebar 1 to Left and Position of Sidebar 2 to Right. I choose a page to be display as frontpage(When writing it, I choose 1 Left Sidebar from Page Attributes, Template selection), and when writing general posts, I choose 1 Right from Additional Option for Suffusion.
    I can display the frontpage as I wish(One Left sidebar from Sidebar 1), For general posts, I can see the Right sidebar, but the content on the sidebar is also from Sidebar 1 ( same as frontpage). And there is nothing I can to with it, what’s wrong, or what should I do ?
    A bit long, hope you can help me! Thanks!

    • If you want any page / post to follow the default layout, you don’t need to assign a template to it. Also note that you should avoid using the options for “1 Left Sidebar” etc. in the templates section. Instead use the layouts section under “Additional Options for Suffusion”.

      As a rule of thumb, set up your Default Sidebar Layout to be the most common layout across your site. For specific posts / pages / views, you can override the default setting – for everything else, don’t assign an explicit layout.

      • I have the same issue as kitsusia above. I need to have my right sidebar layout show different sidebar content than my left sidebar layout. Right sidebar will have some introduction text while left sidebar will have an imported calendar of events. Now, if I use the left or the right sidebar theme I only get sidebar 1 content. To get sidebar 2 content I have to display 2 sidebars. I don’t really understand your response to kitsusia. Can you possibly elaborate? Thanks so much!

        • Your question is actually quite different. You want different content in your sidebars in different pages – for that you need a plugin like Widget Logic or Widget Context.

          • Thanks so much – I will try one of those plugins and see what happens. Wow, what a quick response for a Sunday. Thanks so much!!!!!

  6. Hi Sayontan,
    I used to aplly this code:

    or Articolo letto volte.
    to my posts, adding the code in the single.php file.
    After the release of 4.0.7, these codes seem not to work anymore, so could you suggest me, where can I copy them to make em still work?
    Tnx Cesca

  7. Hi Sayontan

    Please help me, I tried all sorts of things and still couldn’t make thumbnails appears on category view 🙁

    Thank you and have a nice day!


  8. Hello Sayontan

    Thanks for this Work ! Can you tell me please haw can i put my featured image in te top of the post juste under the post title, like this site:


  9. Hi Sayontan

    Thanks for probably the most (my humble opnion) versatile and comprehensive theme on wordpress.

    I would like to know how – if possible – to be able to add a different set of sidebars to different groups of pages. I have tried the custom layout options but cannot get it to work.

    For certain pages I would like to have sidebars 3 and 4 – not containg the default widgets in sidebars 1 and 2.

    Thanks again for an awesome theme.



  10. Hey Sayontan!

    I have no idea if this is a Suffusion glitch or not, but I am working on a site for a client and since upgrading theme, the static home page is overriding ALL wordpress pages, so if you click on the menu links for some reason the home page is showing up everywhere. I think it may potentially be a problem with the database, but the web host is hopeless and I can’t test if rebuilding it will stop the problem as the version of PHPMyadmin is ancient and featureless :/

    You can take a look at what I mean here if you click on the menu on the left you can see what the problem is. Fingers crossed it’s just some setting with Suffusion that I’m missing!


    • Ignore that. It’s miraculously working again. Something tells me I should convince the client to ditch this webhost.

  11. Suddenly the images of featured posts don’t show up anymore. I don’t understand, it was just working fine? I cannot even remove it. What can I do.
    I really love Suffusion. the best theme ever! thank you so much!

  12. I am using your theme (great one!) to move a clients site. The issue is that the existing site does not use the blog feature on any page. they are using it as a cms. i need to remove the “post a comment” and the “comment” section from the theme all together, or at least hide it. i would like to keep it available on only one page. can you help?

  13. Upgraded to 4.4.3 now featured post not working (reset to show duplicate posts, still no cure).
    Any help?
    Thank you,

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