Suffusion Version 4.2.0 – Beta Release 3

Following some more testing from Mark, here is beta release 3 of Suffusion. The following are the key changes to this beta:

  1. The mosaic layout and the list layout were sometimes showing incorrect titles if used with the new Custom Post Type Archive layout. This should be fixed now.
  2. There was a critical problem with post backgrounds in IE8. Hopefully it should all be good now.

I urge you to give the beta a try if you haven’t done so yet. Though the volume of changes isn’t very high, it is still very far reaching in terms of impact. Since completely new HTML5 markup has been introduced, giving the beta a run will definitely facilitate a “no surprises” experience.

6 Responses to “Suffusion Version 4.2.0 – Beta Release 3”

  1. Sayontan,

    Thanks for the latest release,….
    New environment

    I can confirm that the reported issues are now resolved.

    Still some more testing to do,…

  2. Sayontan,

    Another productive day,….
    I have done extensive testing on the Custom Layouts, there may be some things that are not quiet right,or I am misunderstanding some functionality,…
    See post for further details and examples,…

    • Hmm… Can you edit the suffusion.js file (under ‘scripts’)? Line 615 there says

      if (wareaColumns < len && !$j(this).hasClass('cl-warea-masonry')) {

      Change it to:

      if (wareaColumns <= len && !$j(this).hasClass('cl-warea-masonry') && !$j(this).hasClass('cl-warea-all')) {

      I cannot access the file through the editor on your site, or I would have fixed this myself.

  3. I have applied said change, please see results,…

    • I made a few changes more, so it looks like things are somewhat sorted out for now. I can see that the Masonry quirks have not been fully resolved (the margins are not being respected), so I am wondering if I should just kill the option.

      • Sayontan,

        I will leave to to ponder,…. let me know if you need anything else,…
        FTP access etc,…
        Off to feed,… will be back in an hour,…

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