Suffusion Version 4.2.2

Version 4.2.1 of Suffusion had an issue with RSS feeds. Feeds were not validating correctly due to an improper character in the feed title. So I patched the issue and submitted version 4.2.2.

Additionally version 4.2.2 addresses a minor issue – the blog title and description were not getting placed on the right side of the header. I have fixed this as well.

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  1. Again thank you for this new update. Do you plan to support mobile platform? by, for example, providing a alternate theme if the web is browsed with a phone?

    • Suffusion renders perfectly on mobiles, so that way mobile platforms are supported. Your site looks the same on all devices with Suffusion.

      • hum…it looks “okay” not perfect 😉 in fact, I was meaning “by new theme” a new template like Magazine that will be switched automatically on mobile platform…
        that’s will be great!

        • To me a theme whose display changes from device to device looks like rather creepy overkill. I understand you are talking about the new trend of “responsive design”, but to me that is pointless. I will work on it, but I am not committing to any timeline for that – it is not top priority for me.

  2. Ok, I love suffusion, but this last update…something strange happened. the “post meta data” on the front page is completely gone in IE, but not Google Chrome. The post meta data work fine in all excerpt views on all archive pages, such as category or date views in IE but not for the Front Page. For the “front page” where I use excerpts, all the meta data (which I display on the left side inside the post) is gone, but just for IE browser. A new bug perhaps? or am I completely looney?

  3. Delete my comment. I must be looney. Becauase after 2 hours, I think server cache cleared or something cleared and the meta data on the left side (inside the post area) on the front page in IE is back. And to top it off, I realize now this isn’t the place to report bugs. (sorry!)

    Suffusion rocks. love it!

  4. Suffusion is AWSOME!

    Is it just me or have drop caps stopped working recently?

    • Ah, found out why. If you have “Add Link to Facebook” plugin with Like Button -> Show at the top of the post = true. Or an image as the first content of the post. Then drop caps does not work.

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  6. Hi Sayontan,

    Great theme, thanks! After I upgraded to WordPress 3.4 and Suffusion 4.2.2, Firefox keeps crashing when I clik a menu link. This happens mostly at but sometimes at as well.

    Thanks in advance for any tips here,


    • I clicked on all tabs on both sites a couple of times – nothing seemed to crash for me.

      • Good to know, thanks. It crashes for me under Firefox 13, Fedora 17.



  7. Just to let you know, at work I have the same combo: Fedora 17 and Firefox 13.0, and whenever I click a link on the navbar, the browser crashes.



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  9. Hi,

    I am using Sermon Browser and had the RSS feed as a widget on the right side. I changed my theme to Suffusion and it broke the feed. Disabling all plugins made no difference. Do you have an what might have happened?


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