Suffusion Version 4.2.6

OK, my vacation is almost up. As I prepare to board a series of long flights coupled with run-or-you-will-miss-the-next-flight connections from Kolkata to Vancouver (two international airports with abysmal international connections), I see that a minor release, version 4.2.6 of Suffusion has gone live. As far as the size of releases is concerned, this is a tiny one. It has one plugin-dependent change – the last release of bbPress, 2.1 was breaking Suffusion. Coupled with the release of Suffusion bbPress Pack last week, many users incorrectly surmised that the bug was in Suffusion bbPress Pack. In truth the problem arose because bbPress changed how it defined its global variables.

I have modified Suffusion to match up to this and I have also modified the translation file slightly.

3 Responses to “Suffusion Version 4.2.6”

  1. Thanks for this release, Sayontan!
    I can confirm the bbPress problem has been solved!

  2. Whoopie! Can’t wait to get it going!
    Thank you,


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