Suffusion Version 4.2.8

Version 4.2.8 of Suffusion was released on Saturday. This is a minor version with the following updates:

  1. The Previous / Next post buttons were not clickable – only the text for them was clickable. This has been addressed.
  2. The way the CDATA tags were being used to mask the CSS was correct from a standards and compatibility point of view, but minification plugins failed to understand them, causing issues in IE. This has been changed.


3 Responses to “Suffusion Version 4.2.8”

  1. Hi,
    I use your theme for my website and like a lot! Thanks for that!! Though I have a slight problem with the admin area, in combination with I reported the problem with the seo ultimate developer. Down below his reply. Could you please take a look at it?

    best regards,


    “John Lamansky
    Posted 3 days ago #

    Thanks for the input, Scotty101.

    I’m guessing that the Suffusion theme has some code that is interfering with the SEO Settings box. Based on the screenshot that Roger (bacchusandbeery) sent me, it looks like there’s a Suffusion CSS rule that is “floating” the SEO Settings box so that it can’t push down what’s below it, and so the SEO Settings box becomes obscured. If this is the case, then obviously, the Suffusion CSS code would not be deliberately targeting SEO Ultimate in particular. I’ve never used Suffusion, so I’m just speculating here, but probably what’s happening is that perhaps SEO Ultimate and Suffusion both use the same JQuery code to generate a tab control; Suffusion’s CSS code is meant to affect the layout of Suffusion’s tab control, but because their code is not written properly, it’s affecting all tab controls on the post editor screen, including SEO Ultimate’s. Again, I’m just making a guess as to the particulars of the problem.

    If it is indeed the case that Suffusion is causing the problem, as it would seem, then unfortunately, since there’s nothing I can do to change Suffusion’s code, you’ll have to try contacting Suffusion support about the problem. Please do feel free to pass along my educated guess about the cause of the problem to Suffusion support.”

    • I have made some modifications and submitted version 4.2.9 for approval. Once that comes through you should be fine.

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